Hi5 Partition Recovery

  • Quick and easy process to recover deleted, lost or missing partitions
  • Helps in recovering FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 formatted partitions
  • Faster recovery of RAW partitions
  • Simple interface makes partition recovery effortless for every user


Hi5 Partition Recovery Main Screen

Easy solution to get back your partition data in less time!

Partitions are the storage area of the hard disk divided according to user’s convenience. Partitioning is done mainly to organize your data based on its usage like system files and user files in order to improve the drive performance. If any of the partition is invisible in system due to some reasons then you end up with file loss from specific partition. Well, Hi5 Software Partition Recovery assists in recovering back such deleted and lost partition quickly and easily.

Must know features of Hi5 Software Partition Recovery:

  • Software accomplishes deleted, lost and corrupt partition recovery effectively
  • Flawlessly recovers files of all formats after scanning drive in no time
  • Restores partition erased from various brands of hard drives like Seagate, Dell, HP, Lenovo, WD and many more
  • Easily regains partition that is deleted while repartitioning hard drive using disk management utility
  • Effectively recovers formatted and reformatted RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 active partitions
  • Tool can be used to get back data after formatting partition to different file system
  • Software will help you to get back hidden or inaccessible partitions effortlessly
  • Every common user can recover partition data smoothly with its easy interface
  • Using this toolkit you can recover partitions on external hard drive and from various portable devices
  • You can have a preview of recovered data before proceeding with licensed version

When users are forced to search for reliable software?

  • Format Partition: Sometimes due to corruption for file system may make drives inaccessible by displaying error. To get rid of this error and free occupied space you may tend to format that partition
  • Partition Table Corruption: Partition table contains database of list of partitions present on hard disk and address of their location. In case this partition table gets corrupt, OS will not be able to identify or access any of your partitions
  • Repartitioning: When you reinstall OS, you will get an option to repartition the hard disk. If you fail to perform repartitioning process properly then you will end up with an error which even make user to lose existing partition
  • Disk Management Utility: Using disk management utility you may try to extend one of the partition size by deleting the other. But mistakenly you may select other partition to which you have not planned and delete it in hurry losing all your data

Supported File Formats:


Photos / Images –  PSD, PNG, WEBP, IMG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TIFF

Archives- - RAR, JAR, CAB, 7Z, ZOO, ZIP, APK, RPM,

Video Files – AVI, MOV, 3G2, RM, MP4, 3GP, AVS, CPI, DZP, M4V, AVP, MPEG, MPG

Music / Audio Files – MP3, MP4, WMA, MPC, MIDI, M4A, AIFC, RA, AMR, AIFF, AIF, AMR, M4b, WAV

System Requirements:

Easily installed on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 (32bits and 62bit) with 50 MB free hard disk free space and 1 GB RAM. It supports popular file system such as FAT 16, FAT 32, ExFAT, NTFS and NTFS5

Hard Drive Brands Supported: Transcend, Toshiba, Dell, SanDisk, Lenovo, HP, Hitachi, Kingston, Fujitsu, Quantum and many more

Steps to Recover Deleted, Lost, Corrupted or Formatted Partition

Partition Recovery steps are simple and easy, all you need to do is - just a simple click on Download button given on top of this page. Download Hi5 Software Partition Recovery on any Windows system and complete the installation steps, then follow the below given steps -

  • Main screen will display "Partition Recovery" option and "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option (Fig 1)
  • Select "Partition Recovery" option if the partition is deleted, lost or corrupted
  • In case, if the partition is formatted or reformatted intentionally or unintentionally, then go with "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option
  • Now, select the drive from where you want to recover partitions and go to "Next" option to start partition recovery process (Software will display all the available drives present in your system, including externally connected hard drives)(Fig 2)
  • Partition will be recovered in a short interval of time (Fig 3)
  • Once the recovery process is completed, retrieved partition data will be displayed in "Data Type" and "File Type" views (Fig 4)
  • you can check recovered partition files using "Preview" option
  • Click on "Save" button to successfully store recovered data


Hi5 Partition Recovery main screen
Fig 1 - Choose Partition Recovery or Formatted / Reformatted Recovery options
select appropriate disk from where you wish to recover data from partition
Fig 2 - Select Physical Drive
Hi5 Partition Recovery Tool start to scan the selected disk
Fig 3 - Scanning in Progress
choose the files to recovere
Fig 4 - Data View / File Type View

Note - Hi5 Software Partition Recovery offers Demo and Full version, both functions same. The only difference you find is - Save button will not be enabled in Demo version whereas using Full version you can easily save recovered data on any desired location in minutes. Try using Demo version first, and if you're happy with the results, then you can go with Full version and save retrieved files easily.

What's New?

  • Restore Corrupted Hard Drive Data

    Use Hi5 Software Partition Recovery to retrieve files from a corrupt hard drive. This application makes use of a safe and advanced recovery algorithms that is capable of recovering files in just a matter of minutes.

    Retrieve Data from Laptop Hard Disk

    Do you want to recover data from Laptop hard drive after data loss? Hi5 Partition Recovery Software is the recommended tool to recover data from all popular brands of Laptops, whatever might be the data loss scenario.

  • Restore Erased Hard Drive Data

    Recover all the data from hard drive that has been erased in few simple steps, as Hi5 Software Partition Recovery tool is an effective utility that will retrieve data from hard drive in quick time.

    Retrieving Files after Windows 8 Upgrade

    You can recover all the files that have been lost during Windows 8 up gradation/update using Hi5 Partition Recovery Software with few mouse clicks.

  • Recovering Data from NTFS Partition after Format

    Hi5 Software Partition Recovery is a best and unique way to restore data from your formatted NTFS partitions effectively. Utilize the inclusive features of this software and get back your files instantly.

    How to Recover Data from Toshiba Hard Drive

    Want to perform efficient recovery of deleted or lost data from Toshiba HDD? Then Hi5 Software Partition Recovery is the best tool that you need. Visit the page for more details.

  • Restore GPT Partition

    Now it is easy to recover GPT partition which is lost or deleted from Windows system due to hard disk crash, wrong operation, etc. by using Hi5 software partition recovery. Download and restore the lost data now!

    How to Recover Data from SATA HDD

    Download and install the effective Hi5 Partition Recovery Software to recover data from SATA hard drive which is lost or deleted due to any known or unknown reasons.

  • Retrieve Files after Windows 7 Upgrade

    You can easily recover files that are lost after upgrading OS to Windows 7 by using proficient Hi5 Software for Partition Recovery. With the help of its inbuilt features, you can successfully restore files such as images, documents, music’s, etc.

    Data Recovery from ExFAT Partition

    If you have lost the data due to deletion or loss of ExFAT partition from your system and facing difficulty in recovering it, then no worries as Hi5 Software Partition Recovery app will help you to restore files with utmost ease.

  • Data Recovery from Non Booting Computer

    Learn how to recover data from non-booting computer by using Hi5 Software Partition Recovery tool. Click the above link to know more about the recovery process.

    Recover Data from Dell Laptop Hard Drive

    Recovering data from Dell Laptop is easy with the help of Hi5 Software Partition Recovery Tool. It helps you in recovering different type of files and folders from all popular versions of Dell Laptop

  • Restore Partition after Diskpart Clean

    If you want to recover data lost from partition after Diskpart clean, then make use of Hi5 Software Partition Recovery app. It’s an efficient recovery utility which includes lots of unique features to restore data from partition

    IDE Hard Drive Data Recovery

    Want to restore deleted or missing data from your IDE hard drive? Here is an effective Hi5 Software for Partition Recovery, which can get back all the data without any professional help.

  • Recover Data from GUID Partition

    File recovery from GUID Partition is easy with the aid of Hi5 Software for Partition Recovery. You can restore data from GUID Partitions in only 4 to 5 easy steps

    Restoring Data from Dead Hard Disk Drive

    By using Hi5 Software Partition Recovery you can easily recover around 300 file type of data from hard drive of a dead PC.

  • Recover Acer Aspire Hidden Partition

    Hi5 Partition recovery is the only recovery tool that has the ability to successfully recover hidden partitions on your system. It uses a simple interface to make the recovery task a lot more simpler and easier for you.

    Tool to Recover Data from WD My Passport

    Is your essential data deleted from WD My Passport and you wish to know how to recover that deleted data from the portable WD My Passport drive? Go through the page and restore the data by following few simple steps.

  • File Recovery after System Crash

    Download Hi5 Partition Recovery Program in your Windows system and start retrieving files which are lost after computer crash within short span of time

    Get Back SCSI Hard Drive Data

    If you want to restore deleted or lost files from the SCSI hard disk, then make use of Hi5 Software Partition Recovery. It is an efficient recovery tool which includes many unique features that helps users in recovering all type of files with utmost ease.

  • Recovering Data from RAID Hard Disk

    Hi5 software Partition Recovery can easily recover data from RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 hard drives.

    Recovery of Deleted Partition

    Hi5 Software Partition Recovery app is responsible enough to restore partitions lost due to any critical scenario and from any Windows version at utmost ease

  • Recovering Hard Drive Data without Formatting

    Now restore hard disk data without formatting it even in worse condition and cases by using Hi5 Partition Recovery Software. Easy and perfect solution to recover hard drive data!

    How to Retrieve Files from a Dead Hard Drive?

    Dead hard drive data will be recovered in minutes by making use of Hi5 Partition Recovery software. Works on all versions of Windows Operating System.

  • Recovering RAW Partition Data

    Hi5 software Partition Recovery - one perfect solution to recover files from RAW partition on Windows system.

    Find Deleted and Formatted Partition Data

    Recovering files/photos/video/music and other data from deleted or formatted partition is easy when you perform recovery process using Hi5 Partition Recovery Software.

  • Restore Data from Semi Dead Seagate 7200.12 Hard Drive

    Here is a program that lets you to retrieve various types of files that have been lost due to semi dead Seagate hard drive; the tool can be run on all the latest versions of Windows Operating Systems.

    Unrecognized MicroSD Card Recovery After Partition Deletion

    Simple and Secure way to get back all the information present in MicroSD card that has become unrecognized after partition deletion with the use of Hi5 Partition Recovery Software in minimum amount of time.

  • Find Pictures from Failed Laptop Hard Drive

    Restore photos from failed laptop hard drive in a short interval of time by using Hi5 Partition recovery Tool. Works for all brands of Laptops and Windows OS versions.

    Retrieve Windows 7 Deleted Partition

    Deleted Partition on Windows 7 can be recovered easily without losing any files using Hi5 Partition Recovery Program in few simple steps.

  • Recovering Deleted Partition from Flash Drive

    Retrieving flash drive partition after deletion is easy when you perform using Hi5 Partition Recovery software. Provides advanced scanning and recovery mechanism. Use it!

    Retrieve SSD Data without Formatting

    Here is the one best software to retrieve data from SSD without formatting it - Hi5Software Partition Recovery will help you all way to find and restore data from SSD without formatting and losing piece of data in short interval of time.

  • Find Damaged Memory Card Data without Formatting

    This page is presenting a perfect solution that helps in recovering data from corrupted memory card without formatting on all latest Windows computers or laptops

    Restoring Data from Formatted Thumb Drive

    With the help of information provided in this page, one can easily get back data from formatted Thumb drive with the use of Hi5 Partition Recovery utility.

  • Data Recovery from 1TB Hitachi with Bad Sectors

    Download and install Hi5 Software to Recover Partition to retrieve data from 1TB Hitachi hard drive having full of bad sectors; the tool can even recover data from corrupted, deleted and lost hard drive partitions in few simple steps.

    Restoring Data from Hidden Partition in Windows 8

    There is nothing much to do in order to recover data from Windows 8 hidden partition! Just download this partition recovery tool which will scan the entire drive, finds out the hidden partition, and recovers data.

  • How to Restore Data from SandForce SSD?

    Hi5 Partition recovery Tool will help you restore files and folders from SSD of SandForce brand in few simple steps. It can use used for recovering data from internal and from all types of external hard disks.

    Recovering PS4 Hard Drive Deleted Files

    Using Hi5 Partition Recovery Tool you can easily recover deleted files from PS4 hard disk in minutes. See How.

  • How to Restore Data from 3TB Hard Drives

    Are you really worried about the data loss from a 3Tb drive and you don’t have a backup? Then, use this amazing data recovery tool and retrieve all the data present on a 3TB drive through simple 3-4 steps

    Recover Data from Logical Drive

    If you are the one who is looking to recover data from logical drive, then go through this page and get easy step by step procedure that aids you in recovering lost and deleted data from logical drive

  • Recovering Hard Drive Partition after Formatting

    One stop solution to revive partition from hard drive after format is here. Recover everything you deleted or lost from your hard drive in few simple steps. Check this page for more information

    Data Recovery from Windows 10 after BOOTMGR is Missing Error

    Utilize Hi5 Software to Recover Partition when you come across BOOTMGR is missing error on Windows 10 computer; this easy-to-use toolkit will also restore data from various internal as well as external devices

  • Find Data from Unallocated Windows 10 Hard Disk

    Looking to restore data from unallocated Windows 10 hard drive? Then, make use of Hi5 Software to Recover Partition and get the job done; the toolkit works for hard disk formatted with FAT and NTFS file systems

    Recover Deleted Files from Seagate Goflex 500GB Hard Drive

    Easiest way to rcover deleted files from 500GB Seagate Goflex hard drive is Hi5 Partition Recovery Tool. It can be downloaded on any Windows OS versions.

  • How to Retrieve Files after Format and Reinstall Windows OS

    Is it possible to recover files after format and reinstall Windows? Yes, data recovery after format and Windows reinstall can be easily done with the help of Hi5 Software Partition Recovery Program

    Get Back Files from CryptoWall Infected Drives

    Here’s a reliable tool called Hi5 Application to Recover Partition that helps you in retrieving files which have infected and lost due to CryptoWall malware on Windows computers easily

  • Software to Recover External Hard Disk Data

    Did you delete or lose data from external hard drive? Then make use of this best in class data recovery tool. It works perfectly on all Windows Operating System versions.

    WD my Passport Data Recovery Tool

    Using Hi5 File Recovery Program you can easily get back deleted or missing files from WD my passport portable drive. Use it even for other brands of disks.

  • Recover Data from GUID Partition

    Easily restore files from GUID partition on all versions of Windows Operating System using Hi5 Data Recovery Software.

    Recover Data from Verbatim External Hard Drive

    Data from Verbatim external hard drive may get deleted or lost via different reasons. In such cases, utilize Hi5 Software File Recovery tool to easily recover deleted/lost Verbatim hard drive data.

  • Windows 10 Data Recovery Application

    In case your crucial files get erased from the Windows system due to known or unknown deletion then, need not get irritated, try out our proficient tool named Hi5 Software File Recovery program.

    Recovering Files from Windows Hard Drive

    Using Hi5 Windows Recovery Application you can easily recover deleted or lost data from Windows System in few simple steps.

  • Recovery of Data from SanDisk Extreme

    Recover deleted or lost data from SanDisk Extreme at once in few simple steps using Hi5 Partition Recovery Software. Few simple steps which provides maximum success results. Download now and recover all files easily.

    Retrieve Personal Files after System Restore of Laptop

    With the help of Hi5 Partition Recovery Program, you can easily restore personal files after factory reset of laptop; the toolkit recovers almost all types of files including texts, documents, PPTs, compressed files, etc.

  • Get Back Data from Hard Drive that Shows as Empty

    Hi5 Partition Recovery Application is the right tool that will help you to restore files from that hard drive which is showing as empty; different types of file formats will be recovered easily through this software

    Lexar Card Recovery after Format

    Hi5 Partition Recovery Application is the perfect solution for recovering data from formatted Lexar card; the toolkit helps to restore various types of files stored on the card like texts, media files, Office files, etc.

  • Retrieving Photos from Deleted Partition

    With the help of Hi5 Partition Recovery Utility, you can easily restore pictures from deleted partition of Windows hard drives, pen drives, iPods, memory cards, USB flash drives, and many more in just 3-4 steps!

    Get Back Data from Drive with Raw File System

    With the assistance of Hi5 Partition Recovery Software. You can securely restore files from hard drive that is showing as raw file system; the toolkit can be installed on any latest Windows operating systems including Windows 10

  • Retrieve Windows 10 Formatted Hard Drive Data

    With the assistance of Hi5 Partition Recovery Application recovering data from Windows 10 formatted hard drive data has become easy and simple; the software is capable of restoring various types of files

    Retrieve Data from Unrecognized Hard Drive

    Looking to recover data from hard drive which is not recognized by your Windows operating system? Then use Hi5 Partition Recovery Application and get the job done in few simple steps and that too without altering even a single bit of data!

  • How to BackUp Formatted SD Card Data

    Using Hi5 Partition Recovery tool easily backup data from formatted SD card in a couple of minutes. Even restore data from other storage devices.

    Retrieve Data from Formatted Laptop

    If you are looking to recover data from formatted laptop then here is a quick resolution; you can also employ the solution to get back data from deleted as well as lost laptop hard drive partitions

  • Restoring Files from Hard Drive Windows 10

    With the aid of Hi5 File Recovery Application, it is possible to restore files from hard drive of Windows 10; the toolkit supports recovery of deleted as well as lost files and moreover different types of files will also be retrieved

    Unrecognized External Hard Drive Recovery

    Update your device drivers, if your external hard drive not recognized by Windows. In case, it doesn’t fix the issue, use Hi5 Software Partition Recovery to restore data from unrecognized external drive.

  • Why I Am Unable to Access Partition On Windows?

    There are numerous causes, which prevents you from accessing Windows partition. And, each of it has its own fixes. So, go through this editorial and solve cannot access Windows partition problem.

    Guide to Fix File or Directory is Corrupted and Unreadable Error

    Are you fed up of getting file or directory is corrupted andd unreadable error frequently? Then, format your external drive or run chkdsk utility or else use Hi5 Partition Recovery software to recover all your data in few clicks.

  • Fix "Hard Drive Says Needs to Be Formatted"

    This article tells how to fix external hard drive needs to be formatted error; how to recover data from the drive without formatting

    Fix "The Parameter is Incorrect" on External Hard Drive in Windows

    Fix “The Parameter is Incorrect" error on external hard drive using chkdsk command or else use Hi5 Partition Recovery software to get back your data from external hard drive showing error

  • How to Recover Data Files from a Damaged Virtual PC

    Hi5 Software Partition Recovery helps in restoring data from a damaged virtual PC in few simple steps. Download the software and start recovering your lost files.

    Recover Data from Hard Drive that Shows Up as ‘Unknown Device’

    Worried that your external hard drive shows up as 'Unknown device' in Device Manager? No problem; use Hi5 Software to recover data from unrecognized and devices with 'unknown' error. Works with all Windows OS versions including the latest Windows 10. Download a free trial today!

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