Retreieve Data after Windows 7 Upgrade

People always think of upgrading their Operating System to the newer version to acquire the improved and advanced features of new OS. Some people who are still in Windows Vista think of upgrading their OS to Windows 7 as it provides increased system performance, good security, user friendly interface, stability, etc. but you should be careful while performing this task as there are chances of losing files from the system if any error occurs during upgradation to Windows 7 and you may end up saying lost files after Windows 7 upgrade.

Let me explain you the situation with an example on how data go missing or gets deleted from system after upgrading to Windows 7. Assume that you had brought Windows 7 OS and thought to install it in your system as it has simple interface and enhanced data security features compared to your previous version. You started to perform the upgradation of OS to Windows 7. However during upgrading you get an installation error due to which installation fails. In this case you will not find those files and folders from previous version and newly installing one from your PC.

This type of errors leads to data loss and after this issue you may keep asking questions in forums on how to restore files after upgrading to Windows 7 and search over internet too for the solution, but it is not necessary to get yourself confused by getting too many solution for single problem and facing difficulty in choosing the right method. Hence it is best if you use experts advised software which is designed mainly to recover files after upgrading to Windows 7 without causing any damage to the files while performing recovery process. One such powerful and proficient software is Hi5 Partition Recovery Utility. This toolkit is 100% free from harmful viruses hence you can trust this application to execute file recovery after upgrading to Windows 7.

Reasons for loss of files while upgrading to Windows 7:

  • Fragmented Hard Drive: Before performing upgradation of OS to Windows 7 it is necessary to defragment the hard drive or else some files read or written on fragmented hard drive during upgradation of Windows 7 may get deleted or become inaccessible.
  • Error Code: If the upgradation process is interrupted due to power failure or any other reason than installation of Windows 7 may display an error message, discontinuing the upgradation process due to this you may lose files from your system.
  • Following Improper Procedure: It is essential to have an proper knowledge of upgradation of Windows 7. On following inappropriate way, you may encounter an error message and will be denied to access any files or in severe case you may lose them too.

If you come across similar kind of situation as mentioned above, then need not to get panic just download Hi5 software Partition Recovery. This application will assist you on how to restore files after upgrading to Windows 7 with ease and there by you can easily retreieve data after Windows 7 upgrade.

Features of Hi5 Software Partition Recovery:

Hi5 Software Partition recovery is the effective application to recover files after Windows 7 upgrade in less time. Using its inbuilt scanning engine you can recover all type of data such as music’s, images, documents, etc. that are missing after upgradation of OS to Windows 7. It supports recovery of files after upgrading any version of Windows OS. Apart from recovering data after upgradation, this app has a potential to recover data from SATA HDD and also performs formatted, damaged,corrupted hard drive data recovery effortlessly. With the aid of this wizard you can even retrieve data from flash drives, external hard drives, memory cards, SSD drives, FireWire drives, iPods and other storage devices in matter of minutes. You can also preview the recovered files using trial version and analyze the efficiency of the software before buying licensed version.

Steps to Restore Files after an Upgrade to Windows 7:

  • Install the application on your Windows OS to recover files after upgrading to Windows 7
  • Then go for "Partition Recovery" option in the second screen
  • Now, select the drive from which you need to restore files after Windows 7 upgrade and then click on "Next"
  • After the recovery is complete, the recovered list of files is presented to you
  • The files can be saved to any desired location on your system

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