Acer Aspire Hidden Partition Restoration

"I had a few files in the hidden partition of my Acer Aspire laptop. However, I was cleaning up my laptop last night and I accidentally deleted files from it. Is it possible to restore Acer Aspire hidden partition data? Suggest me some good tools using which i can perform Acer Aspire hidden partition restoration process easily and get files back "

By using hidden partition recovery software such as Hi5 Software Partition Recovery, you can effortlessly perform an Acer Aspire hidden partition recovery very easily. It's the most suggested software restore Acer Aspire hidden partition and has a high success ratio compared to most of the partition recovery tools available as of today.

As a computer user, you'd always want your data to be safe and secure. Likewise, you wouldn't want any unknown sources to get access to your files saved on your system. As a protective measure, some users tend to hide their partitions which have sensitive data which the said user wouldn't wish to share with anyone who uses his system. The hidden partition is only accessible to the user who hide the partition which is now devoid of all external threats from unknown users who access his system. This may be a good way to protect or shield user data but there still exists loopholes as a result of which you may end up losing files from hidden partitions too. It's always a good idea to carry a backup of all files present on your partition since this can turn out to be a source for recovery in case you discover files missing from your hidden partition. Some common causes for deletion of files from hidden partition are listed below:

  • The user may accidentally delete files permanently from the hidden partition by hitting the combination of 'shift + delete' keys
  • Viruses in the system, particularly boot viruses can gain access to your files, corrupt it or in the worst case scenario the viruses can delete your files too
  • By formatting the system without carrying a prior backup of the files present on the system you may end up losing all your files from hidden partitions too

However, with the help of partition recovery software like Hi5 Partition Recovery, one can successfully perform Acer Aspire hidden partition restoration process regardless of reasons behind it.

Why should you use Hi5 Partition Recovery?

Hi5 Partition Recovery is widely used for the prolific recovery task which it possesses that is not matched or found on most of the recovery tools as of today. Highly recommended tool to recover partition data from Acer Aspire as well as from other brands of systems. Needless to mention this recovery tool comes with a simple GUI and is capable of recovering deleted or lost files from hidden, formatted, crashed or RAW partitions in just a matter of minutes! It additionally includes a ‘resume recovery session’ option for you to resume the recovery task at any instant of time. After recovering hidden partitions from Acer Aspire, it lets you to save the recovered files on any external device such as memory card, USB drive, external hard disk and so on.

Most users think they have lost data and it is impossible to recover it. Technically speaking when you delete a file only a bit of information that points to the file’s location on the hard drive is deleted indicating free space. These files are still present in hard drive until and unless you overwrite this free space with new data. Thus you need a good and powerful partition Recovery tool that helps in restoring data from formatted hard drive. You can even perform data recovery from dead PC using this amazing software. It can recover files from Acer Aspire regardless of any critical scenarios.

Steps to Perform Hidden Partition Recovery:

  • Install the application on your system and launch
  • Select "Partition Recovery" option from the main screen and go to next screen
  • Choose from which drive of Acer Aspire partition has tp be recovered, select the drive and click on "Next" option
  • The recovery process now starts and once it's completed, a list of recovered files will be displayed
  • Recovered files can be viewed as "file type" view or "data type" view and you can save the same to any desired location on your system

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