Recovering Data from a Dead Hard Drive

Simple steps to recover data from dead or damaged hard drive disk with reliable dead hard drive recovery software. Try it to recover your files when the hard disk is dead, damaged or failed.

When you find your hard disk does not respond anymore and hear some noise when you're trying to boot from it and then it stops and you can't access it. In such condition, your hard disk drive might become dead. The dead hard drive eventually affects all computer users. Frustration soon kicks in due to the loss of pictures, music, documents and other files - files that you can't always replace.

But don't worry, until and unless the files are free from being over written, the files can actually be recovered. It is good if you have a backup of your important data. However, if you do not make a backup bore, and find the components in your drive are still functioning, you can recover data from the dead hard drive with data recovery software - Hi5 Partition Recovery , which is cost effective and the most popular to retrieve data from a dead hard drive. Using this software you will get to know how easily it is to recover data from dead hard drive in a short interval of time.

Procedure to recover data from dead hard drive

First of all download the demo version of the software and complete simple steps for installating the tool on Windows system. After opening the software, select "Partition Recovery" option and then go with selecting the appropriate disk that means, you will have to select dead hard disk drive and click on "Next" option. After clicking on next option, recovery process starts by scanning the select drive throughly and gives the results once the recovery process finishes. You can use the "Preview" option for viewing the recovered results given by the software. Demo version users will not be able to store the recovered data, for saving dead hard disk data you will have to activate the licensed version key and get data saved on any of the drives folders.

Factors Responsible for Dead Hard Drive

Unexpected File System Error: Sometimes hard drive may display error messages related to the file system during its usage which indicates that essential files do not exist or it is corrupted to access, this shows that hard drive is going to die soon.

Corrupted Files: Important hard drive files may become damaged or corrupt when any interruptions occurs while transferring files from system to hard disks or vice versa and also prevents user to access their files stored into hard disk.

Noises: While accessing files from hard drive it may produces slight noise. This noise will become louder or faster, and when sometimes drive stop working abruptly then there is something really wrong in it.

Power Failure: Sudden system shutdown due to power outrage that can cause hard drive files to become corrupt while copying or retrieving process is being carried out, which will make your external hard disk dead.

Virus Infection: Usually hard disks contains large amount of important data stored. Using your drives on multiple and untrusted system causes virus and other malicious threats to enter into your hard drive. So it is advised to keep it virus free by making use of some reliable antivirus software.

Hard drive may eventually become dead without giving any kinds of failure notifications. In such cases, you may have not taken the backup of your drive data to another device. Just don’t worry, Hi5 Partition Recovery software is one of the famous dead hard drive data recovery, which helps you in recovering data from a dead hard drive smoothly within few simple steps.

Key Features of Hi5 Partition Recovery Application

Software is able to restore data from dead external hard drive as well as from failed, corrupted or damaged hard drive on Windows Operating System. It is compatible with Windows Operating System and its major versions such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2003. This tool supports you to recover dead hard disk data like image files, email, videos, audios, documents, etc. from all brands of internal/external hard disks such as Seagate, Western Digital, Panasonic, Kingston, Transcend, HP, SanDisk, Toshiba, and more.

Hi5 Partition Recovery Utility provides the complete solution on how to get data off a dead hard drive with ease due to its user friendly graphical interface, so that even a non-technical person can make use of this software to get data from dead hard drive without any difficulty. This application enables deep scanning of dead hard disks so as to find out your lost, deleted or formatted files with its original content in a short interval of time. Use the demo version of this tool and check the data recovery performance.

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