Restore Data from Formatted Thumb Drive

Thumb drive is small and portable data storage device, which is nothing but the flash drive. Generally they are used for storing pictures, videos, music and other media files. It is one of the convenient way to carry files from one storage device to other anytime. Therefore many of them prefer it for storing their precious data and carry with them wherever they go.

As Thumb drive has some advantageous feature, it also has some disadvantages like you can expect frequent loss of data from the storage media if it is not handled properly. Just think of one scenario like you open it in your system to access some files in it. Suddenly a pop up message displays saying that “drive not formatted, do you want to format now?” On formatting, all the files get erased. On such situation you are left with the question on how to recover data from formatted Thumb drive?

Do you know how to recover data from formatted Thumb drive? Well, here is the solution. You must follow these things to protect your data safely.

  • Do not format the drive even though you get an error message of asking you to format.
  • Never add any new files after formatting.
  • Go for good data recovery tool for recovering files.

Software to restore data from formatted Thumb drive:

Hi5 Software Partition Recovery is one of the most reliable formatted Thumb drive data recovery that allows you to retrieve data from formatted Thumb drive with simple operations. Hi5 Recovery application has amazing and powerful algorithm that scans entire drive for recovering formatted Thumb drive data. It has extraordinary simple user interface, hence a novice can restore files from formatted Thumb drive. Hi5 Partition recovery program works on read only methodology, hence your original files remain untouched while retrieving files.

Causes that compels you to format Thumb drive:

  • You connect it to the system to get some files. While formatting system drive, by mistake you choose the storage media and hit on format option. As a result, all files get deleted. Unfortunately you don’t have a backup of important files to restore.
  • As its is easy portable device and is used by many computer users in many electronic gadgets. Therefore chances of USB drive getting infected by virus will be more. Once it is attacked by viruses then it deletes many important files from flash drive without giving any notification.
  • If file system gets corrupted then it displays format option to access files. On formatting you end up with deletion of files stored in it.

Thumb drive may also get formatted because of any other reasons. But nothing to worry about this issue as Hi5 Software Partition Recovery Application helps to sort out this problem.

More about Hi5 Software Partition Recovery Program:

  • Recovers data from USB drive of different manufacturers like Kingston, Sony, HP, Transcend, SanDisk, LaCie and many other brands.
  • Compatible on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 OS based computer.
  • Hi5 Software also helps you to recover GPT partition in few minutes.
  • In addition this tool also allows you to rescue files from quick formatted USB drive, system hard drive, external drive, FireWire drives and other data storage devices.
  • Easily restores files from hard drive having SATA, ATA, PATA, SCSI, IDE and other interfaces.
  • Capable of recovering around 300 different file types from different storage drives using file their unique file signature.

Steps to be followed to recover data from fromatted thumb drive:

  • Download demo version of Hi5 Partition Recovery Tool
  • Plug in your thumb drive
  • Select "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option
  • Choose the connected thumb drive partition and click on "Next"
  • One can easily verify recovered data by clicking on "Preview" option

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