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Hi5 Software for Windows

A set of three comprehensive data recovery solutions for Windows OS to choose from.

  • Hi5 Software File Recovery – To recover files / folders in common deletion or loss scenarios
  • Hi5 Software Photo Recovery – To recover deleted/lost media files like photos, videos and audio files
  • Hi5 Software Partition Recovery – A fully featured version that includes all the functionalities of previous two versions along with ability to restore data from corrupted, dead or crashed hard drive

Hi5 Software for Mac

Explore the best data recovery solution for Macintosh OS separated in three different versions

  • To restore deleted or lost files, use Hi5 Software File Recovery Mac
  • To get back deleted or missing media files, go for the Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Mac
  • In case of data lost due to formatting or volume corruption, utilize Hi5 Software Partition Recovery Mac

Hi5 Software for Android

An advanced data recovery tool packed with powerful features for Android SmartPhones and Tablet PCs. Makes the recovery from Android phone’s internal as well as external memory storage fast and effective.

Hi5 Software for File Repair

Presenting a set of repair tools that covers all the file types and corruption scenarios. Take a look at the individual repair products to fix files which become inaccessible or throw various error messages, when accessed.

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Other Utilities

AVI File Repair

Fix corrupted or broken AVI, XVID and DIVX video files which refuses to play. Efficiently solves issues like missing codecs, audio / video out of sync and incomplete downloads. Both Windows and Macintosh users have respective versions of the tool.

ZIP File Repair

A perfect ZIP file repair tool that lets you to fix ZIP or compressed files created using any compression tool. Can easily restore all the files compressed in the inaccessible or damaged ZIP files. Compatible to repair ZIP files on any Windows OS version.

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