Recover Data from RAID Hard Drive

“I am in a serious problem; I am unable to access my RAID hard drive due to severe virus attack in my system. There are lots of official data stored in it and I cannot work without those data. Even I have not maintained backup of those files. Please help me to recover data from RAID hard drive”

RAID is Redundant Array of Independent Disks. It is a data storage technology which combines multiple disks into one logical unit. Its main purpose is for speed and performance of the computer system by offering fault tolerance. So that you can work even after hard drive crash or when one hard drive fails.

RAID provides high performance especially for server user. Despite of having advantages you may be in situation where you lose entire data. Don’t worry here you can use Hi5 Software Partition Recovery to retrieve data from RAID hard drive. Acts as a perfect RAID data recovery software also supports recovering data from a RAID hard drive and from from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExtFAT partitions.

Why Partition Recovery Tool?

Even though having many features there may be some situation where RAID hard drive gets inaccessible, corrupt or formatted due to some common scenarios and they are listed below

  • Accidentally formatting the entire drive or unknowingly deleting a partition
  • Due to resizing of partitions using unsecured third party tool
  • Due to virus attack file system may get corrupt
  • File system conversion for ex.FAT to NTFS may erase contents from table
  • Failure of defrag process
  • Avoid using device when battery is low

When RAID hard drive is inaccessible most users think they have lost all data and it is impossible to recover data from RAID hard drive. The fact is that the data still exists but it is hidden; only pointers to those files are deleted making free space in memory until it is overwritten. So to recover data from RAID hard drive you need a reliable RAID data recovery software i,e. Hi5 Partition Recovery Tool.

Hi5 Software Partition Recovery - One tool for many Big Problems

Hi5 Software Partition Recovery tool helps in recovering data from a RAID hard drive. This software is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System.  It recovers data from deleted, corrupt or inaccessible hard drives. This software also helps in recovery of data from bad sectors of hard drive. Its GUI is designed in such a way that both technical and non-technical user can use this software.

Procedure to follow

  • Download free version from Hi5 Software site and launch it
  • Screen will display “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted/Re-formatted Recovery” options
  • Select appropriate option and screen will display all drives
  • Select drive from which you want to recover files
  • Quick scanning will take place and all Deleted/corrupt/ damaged files will get displayed
  • In order to save recovered data you need to buy licensed version

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