Recover Micro SD Card not Recognized after Deleting Partition

With the introduction of newest digital drives, data storage capacities also getting extended because of unlimited downloads of pictures, videos, audios, etc from internet. Hence MicroSD card has become the most convenient mode as portable data storage device. It offers good read/write speeds along with considerable space at minimal cost. MicroSD card is the primary source that makes the storage, portable in different devices like tablets, digital camera, smartphones and other devices.

In fact, data loss issues also occur on MicroSD card because of many reasons. Sometimes your micro SD card fails to recognize after deleting partition from it.

Let me explain this issue with real-time scenario - “You have an 8GB MicroSD card. One fine morning, you tried to format MicroSD card to get some free space but failed to do so. Hence you delete a partition from MicroSD card without keeping the proper backup of important files stored in it. Later you insert card into the reader but were shocked to see that card isn’t recognized. Now you might be tensed that how to solve this issue and recover files from Micro SD card!”

Solution - Hi5 Software Partition Recovery

Get an instant solution for your query on how to restore MicroSD card not recognized after deleting partition with the help of Hi5 Partition Recovery Software. This utility has an advanced built-in powerful search engine that allows you to retrieve files from MicroSD card which remains unrecognized after partition deletion. Hi5 Software has a free trial version that help you in analyzing the recovery results before purchasing the product!

Easy steps to be followed to recover MicroSD card not recognized after deleting partition

Follow these simple guidelines for the recovery of data from Micro SD card that is not recognizing after partition deletion...

  • Download Hi5 Partition Recovery Software on your Windows PC
  • Now connect the SD card from which data is to be recovered and launch Hi5 Partition Recovery Tool
  • Choose "Partition Recovery" option and proceed next
  • Select the drive representing Micro SD card and click “Next” option
  • All the recovered files will be displayed and can be viewed by “Preview” option
  • If you want to save restored files then you need to buy paid edition

Other scenarios where MicroSD card goes unrecognized after deletion of partition

  • Old MicroSD cards: Using same MicroSD card for over a long span of time may make the storage media very slow. In such instance, if partition on MicroSD card is deleted, then it displays not detected error when connected to the system.
  • Incorrect File Format: At times, frequent formatting of MicroSD can make it unrecognizable if any of the partitions from the device is deleted.
  • Damage Issue: Certain issues may arise while deleting the partition present in MicroSD as a result of which it wont be recognized by the system, leading to loss of entire data stored in it.
  • Viruses: Presence of viruses can damage the MicroSD and may make it inaccessible if partitions are deleted from the storage device.

Features of Hi5 Software Partition Recovery Program

  • You can easily retrieve lost / deleted media files like photos, video, audio files, and other documents from various types of memory cards like CF card, SD card, XD card, Micro SD, Mini SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC cards, etc.
  • Can regain digital media files from MicroSD memory card which are commonly used in digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, music players, etc.
  • Can apply"Preview" option that enables you to analyze the recovery outcome even prior to purchase Hi5 Software
  • Helps to recover data from buffalo hard drive in few minutes

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