Recovering Data from Western Digital My Passport

Sometimes users may face data loss from the portable WD My Passport external hard drive even after considering necessary precautions. In such case if you find that your essential data has been deleted, then this article will be beneficial for you as it has introduced the efficient data recovery software for WD My Passport named Hi5 Software Partition Recovery. All types of data that is deleted from this device can be effectively restored using this program in matter of minutes. To know how to retrieve data from Western Digital my passport, read this page.

Before explaining about the WD My Passport recovery tool in detail let me explain you how data get deleted from the WD My Passport with real time scenario:

"Hi friends, I regularly use WD My Passport device to backup all my essential data. Yesterday night I connected my portable backup device to my PC to access the stored office data for continuation of my work. At the same time I found that my system performance has reduced completely so I thought to manage it by deleting unwanted files. While checking for such files I found that one of the Windows partition was full of junk and unneeded data. So instead of deleting manually I thought to choose 'format' option which will erase everything in a minute. While trying to format that partition I mistakenly ended formatting Western Digital My Passport device and faced loss of vital files. If anyone has come across the same situation then can you please suggest me good data WD My Passport recovery tool so that I can recover WD My Passport data?"

This is one of the most common situations faced by many users. Do not think much in such instances just download best WD My Passport data recovery app named Hi5 Software Partition Recovery which acquires very less space and perform recovery by following few simple steps as mentioned in the demo version and perform recovery effortlessly.

Let me explain some more reasons for loss of data from the WD My Passport:

  • Interruption of Transfer Process: If you abruptly eject the portable WD My Passport device from the system while still data transfer is in process then in such instances you may lose data from that device.
  • Accidental Deletion: As all know that data in portable devices are not safe for longer time. Hence to save some vital files you may think of storing them in Windows system too. For performing this task you may connect WD My Passport to Windows, select the important files and choose delete option instead of selecting copy option. This small mistake may make you lose your selected files from WD My Passport.
  • Virus Invasion: If you connect WD My Passport external drive to the virus infected Windows system for performing any operation, then it is obvious that during transfer of files these virus also enter your device, corrupt the file structure and make it inaccessible and at severe case you may lose those affected files.

If you face data loss from WD My Passport due to above mentioned situations then stop overwriting it with new files and make use of Hi5 Partition Recovery App and effectively recover data from WD My Passport within very less time.

Why Hi5 Software Partition Recovery becomes essential to perform data recovery?

Hi5 Software Partition Recovery is one of the amazing data recovery software for WD My Passport which has been experienced by many users. It has ability to restore data from WD My Passport various file formats like media files, zip files, MS Office files, etc from WD My Passport drive within matter of minutes. In addition to Wd My Passport data recovery, this app can retrieve files from external, devices like memory cards, iPods, MP3 players, etc. Using this wizard any user can easily restore Acre Aspire hidden partition and partition of other brands of laptops. This utility even has a potential to recover deleted files from Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc. with an ease. This wizard includes simple friendly interface and robust engine so that any professional and non professional users can perform this task smoothly hence it is named as one of the fabulous data recovery software for WD My Passport to overcome any data loss scenarios. It can carry out recovery of files from WD My Passport connecting to PC regardless of Windows versions.

Simple way to recover files from Western digital my passport hard disk:

  • Connect your WD my passport disk to healthy Windows computer
  • Download demo version of Hi5 Partition Recovery Software on PC
  • Launch the software, from the main screen click on "Partition Recovery" option and go to next screen
  • Now select externally connected WD my passport disk and click on "Next" button
  • "Preview" option will be helpful for users to verify the recovered files
  • If you can see the satisfied results, then go with "Save" option which will be enabled by purchsing the licensed version

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