SSD Data Recovery Technique

One of the most annoying thing with SSD is to be asked to format the drive when you are in need to access data stored on it. System doesn’t care for anything what you want to do, it just keeps prompting you to format the hard drive first. What next if you have stored all crucial and valuable information on it? But if you don’t desire to operate what system asks you to do because you do not want to lose the data saved on it.

Real-time issue

"Hi, from today morning I am not able to access data saved on my SSD hard drive. Whenever I try to access data from SSD hard drive it is asking me to format it before I can use the drive normally. It has been asked a few times but I do not format the drive till now. I am in search of the method to open my ssd hard drive and view all the files saved on it without formatting it. Kindly assist me in resolving this issue and guide me how to recover data from SSD without formatting."


Common question that comes in everyone’s mind is could you view files saved on the hard drive without formatting it? How to recover data from ssd without formatting? Is there an easy method to be followed to restore SSD data without formatting? Which application must be utilized for recovering data from SSD without formatting?


Well, here's the perfect SSD data recovery technique using which you can easily retrieve data from ssd without formatting can be done with the help of Hi5 Software Partition Recovery Program. Completely designed with advanced algorithm, hence it scans the entire SSD drive and gives you the solution on how to recover data from SSD without formatting. As it works in read only methodology, you need not to be get worried about your original files while recovering data. Therefore download Hi5 Software Partition Recovery Program and learn how to recover data from SSD without formatting in few simple steps.

Few scenarios where Hi5 Program helps you to recover files from SSD without formatting:

  • You need to format the Solid State Drive if the file system of it is damaged severely
  • Malware attack is one of the other reason which is responsible for formatting the drive. Connecting virus infected external drive to the PC is main reason for virus attack. Due to this all the files turns into inaccessible state and you are forced to format the drive
  • Hard drive gets corrupted because of improper change in file system. You have to reformat your SSD to access it
  • You get an error message saying that “drive not formatted, want to format now?”
  • Hard drive gets inaccessible after incomplete installation of OS system
  • Occurrence of error during re-partitioning on the hard disk
  • Data stored in the drive will be unreachable if file system becomes RAW

In all these above mentioned scenarios, you can restore files on SSD without formatting utilizing this Hi5 Software Partition Recovery Software.

You also get another advantage of this Hi5 Software. Sometime you already choose for formatting the Solid State Drive and end up with data loss issue on hard drive. You feel so panic and search for SSD data recovery solution. At this point of time, Hi5 Software Partition Recovery Program allows you to retrieve files from formatted SSD with utmost ease.

Important features of Hi5 Software Partition Recovery Tool:

  • Compatible with different file system such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, ExFAT and others
  • Has advanced feature called ‘Preview Option’ which allow user to view recovered file before restoration on any storage device
  • Developed with user friendly so non-technical user can even restore files from hard drive without formatting
  • You can easily recover files after upgrading to Windows 7 with this Hi5 Software Partition Recovery Tool
  • Hi5 Tool has free demo version is available in order to check the efficiency of the application. 24X 7 technical assistance is given to user who finds any difficulty while accessing
  • Supports file recovery from various hard drive brands like Toshiba, Western Digital, Seagate, etc. without any difficulties

To restore data from SSD drives, follow these steps

  • Download and install Hi5 Partition Recovery Software on Windows computer at first. And now you are just three steps ahead of recovering data from SSD without formatting!
  • Step 1: Connect SSD to your computer, attach your victim SSD drive to Windows computer through USB cable and run the software
  • Step 2: Scan for lost data from SSDMain screen will be displayed with two recovery modes – “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Re Formatted Recovery”. Since you need to restore data from SSD without formatting, select “Partition Recovery” followed by selecting the drive that represents SSD
  • Step 3: Preview and retrieve all lost data from SSD. Once you click on “Next”, the software starts scanning the drive and shows the recoverable file types. Mark the ones you need to get back, or else skip this step to restore entire SSD drive data. Click “Next” again and initiate the recovery process. Now preview the recovered files and save them

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