Recovering Files Infected by CryptoLocker or CryptoWall

Nothing seems to be difficult than recovering files infected by CryptoLocker or CryptoWall! Well, CryptoWall or CryptoLocker is a form of malware that may create some serious data loss issues after your computer drives or the drives attached to the systems, have been infected by it.

Impact of CryptoWall Virus Infection

  • CryptoWall ransomware is specially known to target systems running with Windows OS, which might then results in the loss of specific files
  • It may even attack and delete the files stored on any storage drives connected to an infected computer, including flash drives and external drives

Recovering Files from CryptoWall Infected Drives

Important: Apply antivirus application and clean up all viruses firstly

No matter whether the files are deleted or lost due to CryptoWall virus infection on drives, it is suggested to install antivirus software and remove all the malwares, viruses, and malwares from the PC. After doing so, you can follow below provided methods in order to recover files from CryptoWall infected drives.

Well, the very first option for the recovery of files from drives after CryptoWall infection is to retrieve files from CryptoWall infected drives from a clean backup if you have any. And this requires users to have the habit of backing up important data regularly. If in case you don’t have backup, then your choice would be to restore files from “System Restore” option. Note that this procedure will work out only for internal drives and only if the System Restore option is enabled on your system and was not disabled after the CryptoWall infection. File recovery from CryptoWall infected drives is possible and very easy.

If all the above procedures don’t make any sense, then the only way left out for restoring files after CryptoWall infection is to make use of Hi5 Software to Recover Partition.

How to Retrieve Files from CryptoWall Infected Devices?

It is believed that a simple tool is essential for an easy recovery of files. That’s why Hi5 partition Recovery Software’s friendly user interface will let you to restore data without any hassle. If your drives are infected by CryptoWall, the toolkit enables you to restore files based on unique file signature. To know how to use the application, just go through these steps…

  • Download and install Hi5 Program to Recover Partition on a healthy Windows computer
  • Connect the infected drive to that system
  • Now, run the tool and concentrate on on-screen instructions
  • After that, choose “Partition Recovery” option from the next screen
  • Select the appropriate drive from where you are willing to recover virus infected files
  • Click on “Next” option
  • The software will scan and ask you to provide the particular file format you are looking to retrieve
  • If you want to recover the entire drive, skip the previous step
  • Provide the destination location and again click on “Next
  • The application will initiate the recovery process and after some time it will display all the recovered files on the screen

Features of Hi5 Software to Recover Partition

  • Primarily designed to recover data from hard drivesof various manufacturers
  • Helps to recover files from drive infected by CryptoWall virus in just 3-4 simple recovery steps
  • Apart from CryptoWall infected drive, the program will restore data from CryptoLocker infected drive and other harmful viruses
  • It has the ability to recover various types of virus infected files such as texts, documents, presentation files, excel files, compressed files, pictures, audios, videos, etc.
  • Retrieves files from internal and external hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, etc after CryptoWall virus infection
  • Recovers files from CryptoWall infected drive which has been formatted with FAT and NTFS file system
  • Well suited to install on any popular versions of Windows OS

How to Prevent CryptoWall Infection on Drives?

Precaution is always the safest way to keep your PC unharmed. You must be very careful whenever you open an unknown e-mail, especially if such an e-mail contains a fake notification or .EXE, or .ZIP file attachments. Even you must be careful in scam sites that prompt you to install software that you supposedly need.

Note: The CryptoWall virus is said to encrypt the files after infecting them. So, even after when applying Hi5 Partition Recovery to get back lost or deleted files after virus infection, the recovered files will be in encryption state. You need to utilize some reliable decryption tools in order to access restored files.

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