Data Recovery from not Recognized Hard Drive

Hard drives – either internal or external, are very easy to use. Well, in some situations your hard drive may not be recognized when connected to computers. Ever wondered why does this happen? The problem may be generally caused due to issues in hard drive partitions, usage of wrong file system, or damage of existing file system, driver issues, virus infections, or other problems. In a worst case, the hard drive may be simply dead.

Does your drive shows up in Disk Management?

First of all, check if Windows is recognizing the drive and its partition in Disk Management Tool. To do so, press Windows Key + R, type diskmgmt.msc into the Run dialog, and press Enter. Now you should see your drive listed in the Disk Management window. Even if it doesn’t appear in your Computer or it doesn’t contain any partitions, it should show up here. If you don’t see the drive here, continue to the next section where you can get to know how to deal with such issue and recover data from hard drive not showing up.

Making Windows recognize the drive and restore data from hard drive not showing up

Take out the hard drive and try to connect it to the some other computer and see whether the hard drive not recognized. If still your drive didn’t recognize and you fail to access data from it, then a professional data recovery tool will be helpful for recovering data from hard drive not showing up.

Important Note: When your hard disk is not recognizing in your system due to any of above mentioned reasons then do not attempt to install new OS because this activity will result in loss of files stored in it permanently by overwriting them!

Hi5 Partition Recovery Software is a highly recommended tool which is capable enough for data recovery from hard drive not detected. It’s simple and intuitive interface doesn’t require any technical knowledge to run it properly. Due to its highly positive reviews most professional use this utility to recover data from hard drive not showing up. Overall, whenever you face any inaccessibility issues with your hard drives then it is always better to go with reliable partition recovery software instead of trying different methods to make it accessible as it might end up with a data loss situation.

Steps to retrieve data from unrecognized hard drive

  • Connect your hard drive which is not showing up to a healthy Windows computer
  • Download Hi5 Partition Recovery Software and install it to that Windows desktop or laptop
  • Setup the application and follow the steps mentioned in main screen
  • The first screen displays two options, choose “Partition Recovery” option to get back data from unrecognized hard drive
  • The software now explores all the drive present in the system
  • Choose the drive that symbolizes your victim drive and click on “Next” button
  • Later the application scans the chosen drive and displays all the recoverable files
  • Choose your necessary files from the list that showed and click “Next” button
  • Finally, browse for the your preferred location to save your rescued files (Do not save to the same drive)

Note: The software is available in two versions – free demo version and paid version. Well, there is nothing much difference between the two versions. You can download the trial version and perform each and every step of data recovery except saving the results. So to save results, you need to buy the license key i.e. the paid version of the toolkit.

Features of Hi5 Partition Recovery Program

  • It has been built up with optimized programs which can deeply scan your HDD for recovering data; however the process of recovery will be fast and rapid
  • Helps you to easily recover huge amount of data without any halt in between the process of recovery
  • Recovers various kinds of files such as video files, audio files, archives, documents and many other 300 types of files from your HD drive
  • One of the features which can be very helpful for you in demo version is the “Preview” option which allows you to have a look on the recovered data
  • Apart from unrecognized hard drive data recovery, this tool has the ability to recover data from hard drive with raw file system, failed hard drives, unbootable drives, etc.
  • Capable of recovering data from other storage devices such as flash drives, memory cards, iPods, cameras etc.
  • Even support recovery of data from all Windows operating systems and Windows supported file systems

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