Cannot Access Windows Partition

Generally, you divide (logically) your hard disk into several partitions in order to avail benefits like data protection, multiple operating systems, enhanced performance etc. Even though, you are allowed to save a variety of data on different partitions, at some cases they might become inaccessible.

There are a number of grounds like inappropriate action, computer virus, file system damage/corruption etc. which may show various effects on your partitions. And, as a result, you may experience different problems like hidden, RAW, unallocated, unrecognized, erroneous, missing, inaccessible Windows partition. So, here is the fix, if even you are unable to access the partition on Windows system.

1. Remember whether you had hidden your partition before. If so, then go to Disk Management and check the partition. If disk management shows your partition, then just unhide the partition to access it.

2. If your partitions’ driver letter is missing and Disk Management shows it as a healthy partition, then assign it a new drive letter.

3. In case, you are facing errors like “partition is not accessible. access is denied”, “partition is not accessible. the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable” or, “partition is not accessible. the parameter is incorrect” etc. then try changing the permissions of the partition. Follow this procedure to get ownership of the partition.

  • Right click on the inaccessible partition and opt Properties
  • Go to Security tab and select Advanced
  • Click on Owner option and choose Name
  • Hit, user name or Administrator (if you have logged as admin)
  • Select Replace owner on sub-containers and objects check box
  • Hit OK and opt Yes for rest of options
  • Select your partition’s drive letter
  • Opt OK and reapply the permissions and security settings

Else, try running CHKDSK from Command Prompt using below method.

  • Go to Start and launch Command Prompt
  • Type hkdsk /f X: (X is the drive letter of your partition)
  • Hit Enter key

4. If your Windows partition became RAW or showing unallocated space in Disk Management then make use of Hi5 Software Partition Recovery. Restore entire data from your inaccessible, RAW or unallocated partition. And finally, format it for further use.

Steps to Recover Inaccessible Partition Data:

  • Download Hi5 Software on your healthy partition and install it
  • Launch the tool and go for Partition Recovery option
  • Select your inaccessible partition from the list and go next
  • The software shows entire files present on the partition, which you cannot access
  • Go through the list of recovered data and verify them
  • At last, save retrieved files on new partition

Know More About This Potent Partition Recovery Tool:

The application effortlessly recovers data from RAW, unallocated, inaccessible, missing, corrupted, deleted, erroneous partitions on any version of Windows OS. It has the ability to recover data from hard drive interfaces like IDE, SATA, PATA, SCSI, etc. in stipulated time. And, supports data recovery from exFAT, FAT32, FAT16, NTFS etc. formatted partitions. By employing this recovery program, you can even restore data from external devices like memory cards, iPods, flash drives, etc. along with hard drive partitions. You are free to preview the recovered files before restoration. So, that you can judge the capability of the software prior to activating it. And, a handy interface along with an ideal support is offered to easier the recovery process.

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