Restore data from unallocated disk

“I have a problem with one of my Windows 10 hard drive partitions. I can’t see it on ‘My Computer’. But yes I can see it in Disk Manager and it says ‘unallocated’. What do I have to do in order to view my unallocated disk like my primary hard disk (C)? I don’t want to format it as lots of important files reside on it. Can someone help me how to recover data from unallocated hard drive on Windows 10? Thanks!”

When do you face Unallocated Hard Drive Issues on Windows 10?

Normally Windows OS supports FAT and NTFS file systems. But, application on Windows 10 uses NTFS file system. In such circumstances, you will have to change the file system to NTFS. While performing reformatting, you might end up corrupting the file system and due to this the OS fails to detect the drive and all data present on it will be lost.

Further, shrinking and expanding hard drive partitions as per the requirements is quiet common in all the computer users. Even a small mistake while shrinking and expanding process will result in disk’s file system damage. If this happens, then the data contained on that disk will be lost as the file system is the means for managing files. Normally, a drive without a file system is termed as unallocated drive. What’s more, while upgrading to Windows 10, changes are there for file system damage which further makes Windows 10 hard drive as unallocated.

Well, the only way you can restore data from unallocated disk on Windows 10 is by the usage of hard disk unallocated recovery software. Since Windows 10 is new operating system; many experts have recommended Hi5 Partition Recovery Application restore data from unallocated disk.

Know about Hi5 Partition Recovery Software

Hi5 Software to Restore Partition is an excellent recovery tool which will guide you how to recover data from unallocated hard drive on Windows 10. It has the ability to restore files such as audio files, video files, images, raw pictures, documents, zip files, spreadsheets, etc. It will also recover data from corrupted hard drive, lost partitions, formatted / reformatted partitions and reformatted drives. Its other advantages are something like this…

High Compatibility: Along with Windows 10, Hi5 Partition Recovery Toolkit supports all common Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, and various kinds of storage devices like external hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, iPods, and so on.

Comprehensive Functions: This utility is equipped with two different data recovery modules which will be able to recover lost data in different situations. “Partition Recovery” will be used to retrieve data from deleted, lost as well as data from corrupted hard drive/partitions. Whereas “Formatted / Re Formatted Recovery” will be helpful in restoring data after formatting the drives or partitions accidentally, and even to find lost data after reformatting of the drives.

Simple Operations: All operations could be accomplished just by some mouse clicks. Moreover, there will be a detailed prompts in each and every step. Let us see the steps required to restore data from unallocated Windows 10 hard drive.

  • Download and install the software
  • Run the application
  • Since you want to recover data from unallocated drive, select “Partition Recovery
  • Then specify the drive from where you want to retrieve data
  • Next choose the file type you want to get back. If you want to restore the entire partition, simply click on “Next
  • The program rigorously scans the specified drive and brings back all the data which will be displayed in data view and file type view
  • Finally select the files you want to restore and store them in a location of your choice

All the above steps are designed in such a way that a user with less skills with computers can make the perfect use of this application for recovering data from Windows 10 unallocated hard drive. In addition, Hi5 Application to Recover Partition will also aids in finding data from storage devices having bad sectors by creating a replica of the bad sectors. It also supports all popular versions of FAT and NTFS file system, What’s more, you can utilize the demo version of this application and see the unallocated hard drive data recovery results, before you purchase the full version. It is also possible to preview the files before saving.

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