Restore Data from Hidden Partition in Windows 8

While for most of the users, hiding a partition will be the most secure way to protect their confidential files, on the other hand the same will be the big headache especially when hidden partition with lots of precious data on it will be deleted or tampered by virus or malware! One such real time example regarding Windows 8 hidden partition data recovery is presented below…


I just turned on my HP 650 running with Windows 8 and found that the recovery (hidden) D partition is missing when I go to START >MY COMPUTER. But when I looked into the Disk Management section, that is through START>RIGHT CLICK MY COMPUTER>MANAGE>DISK MANAGEMENT, I found that the partition is still there with the exact size but not allocated any letter. Please suggest me how to recover data from hidden partition in Windows 8, as I have not maintained any backup of this hidden partition. Thank you!!!”

Reasons for the Loss of Data from Windows 8 Hidden Partition

  • Memory Error/ Write Error: Well, sometimes Windows operating system will be included with memory error or write error which results in the corruption of an entire Windows 8 hard drive and the partitions including hidden ones which lead to loss of data.
  • Virus Infection: If the Windows 8 hard drive has been infected by harmful viruses or malwares, then no doubt the partitions available on the drive along with hidden partitions will be lost or deleted.
  • Accidentally Deleting and Formatting: Mistakenly deleting a hidden partition through Windows DOS commands or formatting the hidden partition accidentally would result in the loss of entire data present on the hidden partition.

Recommended Solution to Get Back Data from Windows 8 Hidden Partition

Hi5 Partition Recovery Software is the tool which will easily restore data from hidden partition in Windows 8. With its simple and friendly user interface, anyone (technical as well as non technical person) can easily learn how to recover data from hidden partition in Windows 8. The toolkit not only helps to retrieve Windows 8 hidden partition data, but also considered as the most recommended hdd data recovery software which will retrieve data from corrupted, non bootable, formatted, reformatted, and RAW hard drives. It is also a complete package to restore various kinds of files like documents, texts, presentations, emails, images, audios, videos, movies, songs, compressed files, and many more. What’s more, it also helps in recovering deleted or lost data from various brands of external hard drives.

Supported Windows Operating Systems: Apart from Windows 8, the toolkit is compatible to retrieve data from various Windows OS versions like Windows 10, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, and 2008.

Steps to be employed for recovering Windows 8 Hidden partition Data

  • Download and install Hi5 Partition Recovery Application on Windows computer/laptop
  • Run the program and choose the “Partition Recovery” option from the first screen
  • Select the drive from which you want to perform hidden partition recovery and click next
  • Wait until scanning of the drive takes place
  • It will show the available partitions along with hidden partitions on the drive. Select your preferred partition and click next
  • Again the app will scan the entire partition and recover all the data present on hidden partition
  • Mark the required files, preview them, and save them on any Windows accessible device

Important Tips

  • Stop using the drive as soon as you suspect that you have lost data from Windows 8 hidden partition
  • Always create a back up of valuable data before hiding the partitions
  • Install any authorized antivirus software on your Windows system

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