Recovering Files from Windows 10 Hard Drive

Hi5 File Recovery Software lets you restore Windows 10 hard drive files if they are lost or inadvertently deleted. Here are the most easy and simple steps to handle the task.

Problem – Files and Documents get deleted or lost on Windows 10!

It’s really annoying to find your important files get deleted or missing from Windows 10 hard drive, right? Here are some serious cases you may come across on Windows 10 hard drive with regards to your valuable files:

Case 01: Deleting files through Shift and Delete keys together and then realizing the importance of those files.

Case 02: Mistakenly removing the wrong files instead of unwanted files and regretting for the carelessness.

Case 03: Losing files while moving them from one location to another through inappropriate usage of Cut and Paste operation.

Case 04: Files go missing due to interruptions during their transfer from Windows 10 to some other device.

Sometimes, bad things happen to good computers, and it is inevitable. Don’t worry! Still various recovery ways exist to retrieve files from Windows 10 hard drive.

Finding deleted or lost Windows 10 files

Before starting with file recovery from Windows 10 hard drive with a proper file recovery tool, it is better to make sure that the files are actually deleted or lost and there are no backups available. As recovery process is bit riskier, it would be better if you could get the files by some other means. Below are the listed common places from where you can find your files.

  • Check Recycle Bin folder
  • Look into backup
  • Search for the file in Windows 10 “Search bar” as there might be some chances that you have misplaced the file

When the above methods don’t work out in recovering files, then it indicates that the files have been permanently deleted and there arises a need for recovery tool.

Windows 10 hard drive files recovery software

Hi5 File Recovery Application is the perfect tool that is simple and powerful. Of course the ultimate goal of the program is to be able to retrieve Windows 10 files if they are deleted or lost.

Well, this utility has both a free and a paid version. The free version is meant for retrieving of files, but not for saving. The Save option will ne enabled after purchasing the licensed version. So, it is wise to use the free version at first and test the efficiency of the product, and then go for purchasing.

Let’s get started with restoring Windows 10 hard drive files using this simple procedure

  • Click on Download button available in this page and launch the software
  • Attach Windows 10 hard drive to that system
  • Choose either “Deleted File Recovery” or “Lost File Recovery” option
  • Select the appropriate drive representing Windows 10 hard drive
  • Choose the particular file types from the list of recoverable files
  • Wait for sometime…
  • Preview recovered files and finally save them

Note: You can save restored files on any device accessible to Windows operating system. Even it is possible to compress the recovered data to save the disk space. But remember you don’t attempt to store retrieved files again on Windows 10 hard drive.

About Hi5 File Recovery Software

  • Easily restores deleted and lost files from Windows 10 as well as from Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. hard drives
  • Helps in restoring ZIP files, MS Office documents like Word files, PPTs, Excel sheets, and other text files
  • It’s simple interface ensures hassle free file recovery for all types of users
  • You can retrieve files based on unique file signature
  • Guides in recovering shift-deleted files, and even the files that have been bypassed Recycle Bin folder
  • Supports recovery of files from pen drives, external hard drives, iPods, memory sticks, etc.
  • Works fine for all Windows supported file systems like FAT and NTFS


For now, Hi5 File Recovery may have saved your files and let you again use them. Well, recovering data is based on luck, if any of the new files overwrites your deleted or lost file it may become impossible to get them back. Hence it is better to always have a backup of all your important files so you don’t have to depend on a recovery tool.

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