Restore SATA Hard Drive Data

SATA is one of the popular interfaces used in computers for the increase of system performance. Hence people prefer SATA to store all their business and personal data in it. If this data is lost from SATA hard disk due to hard drive crash or if it is dead for some reasons then you may be worried for losing your precious files and might be thinking how to recover data from SATA hard drive, but it is now easy to perform recovery of SATA hard disk with the help of Hi5 Software Partition Recovery. This app is responsible to successfully retrieve data from SATA hard drive quickly and safely. As the toolkit is free from virus, you can trust on it blindly to recover data from SATA hard disk.

How data is lost or deleted from SATA hard disk?

Real Time Scenario: “Hi friends, I am using Lenovo laptop with SATA hard disk since three years. I had no problem working on it except reduced system performance. But when I opened it yesterday to view some files it was creating some noise and I got a clue that something wrong might happen to my system, so I started storing all my vital data from my system to external device. While doing so my system turned off suddenly. When I restarted, it was displaying blue screen of death error message. I have saved some office documents, business details, etc in it. I do not want to lose them. Can anybody suggest me SATA hard disk recovery software?"

This is one of the common issues faced by many users. No need to get panic for these small mistake and waste your time in searching for a tool in internet for long time. Alternatively you can just make use of Hi5 Software Partition Recovery, it will give complete guide on your question” how to perform SATA hard drive data recovery?” so that you can recover data from SATA hard drive without any professionals assistance.

Some common scenarios for data loss from the SATA hard drive:

  • Hard Disk Crash: In case your SATA hard drive gets crashed due to any reason then you will lose all your vital data from SATA hard disk. This hard drive crash is mainly due to severe virus attack to hdd, too many bad sectors on hard drive, error that occurred during file system conversion, etc.
  • Unintentional Format: Formatting the SATA hard disk partition containing vital data instead of formatting the inaccessible partition leads to loss of all vital data from that device.
  • Partition Deletion: While creating a new partition on the SATA hard disk to manage all data using disk management utility, you may mistakenly click on delete option instead of create and face partition loss. This deletion of partition make you lose entire data.

What happens after deletion of data from SATA hard disk?

Soon after the file gets deleted from SATA disk due to any reason, file pointer to an index gets removed making it invisible to the operating system but it will be in touch to the hard disk until it is not overwritten with the new file. Hence you can make use of Hi5 Software Partition Recovery and restore SATA hard drive data before it is overwritten with new files. This application will effectively and efficiently retrieve data from the SATA hard drive.

Features of Hi5 Software Partition Recovery:

Hi5 Software Partition Recovery is one of the excellent tools to recover data from SATA hard disk. This app is known to be perfect SATA hard drive recovery software after any severe loss scenario. Apart from recovering SATA hard disk, this utility is capable enough to restore data from IDE, SCSI, PATA interfaces within mere seconds. Using this program one can carry out data recovery from Toshiba hdd including other brands like Transcend, Dell, SanDisk, Lenovo, HP, Hitachi, etc. You can also recover GTP partition easily. Simple GUI of this utility helps users perform SATA hard drive data recovery smoothly without any complications. In addition to internal hard disk recovery, this wizard can easily retrieve files from external devices like flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives, iPods, etc. in couple of mouse clicks.

Steps to restore data from SATA hard disk:

  • Download and install Hi5 Partition Recovery Tool
  • From the main screen, select "Partition Recovery" option and ignore "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option
  • In the next screen, select SATA hard disk drive and click on "Next" option to start recovery process
  • After completion of recovery process, you can check recovered SATA hard disk data using "Preview" option
  • In order to save retrieved files and folders, you will have to activate licensed version

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