Recover Data from Hitachi Hard Drive with Bad Sectors

“Hello, I have problem with hdd Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 1TB. I have placed all my important data on it and it has so far many bad sectors. I tried peforming data recovery from Hitachi hard drive. But still, I couldn’t recover the data from Hitachi 1TB and I can’t get access to the disk. When it is connected to computer, it says "would you like to format drive I: I really appreciate some help, I just want to recover data from the disk. Any suggestions??”

Most of the times it is the bad sector issues which leads to the complete inaccessibility of the drives, causing data loss. One such example is presented in the above situation with regards to any 1TB hard drive.

Note: Do not perform any read and write operation on a bad sectored drive until and unless the data recovery is done.

As far as bad sectors hard drive, you can still recover data from 1TB Hitachi hard drive from it only when you have the right tool. Well, to restore data from 1TB Hitachi hard drive with bad sectors, the very first you should do is to immediately back up the data present on Hitachi 1TB drive by creating an image of the disk. Later you have to use that image to retrieve data completely from bad sectored Hitachi drive. The ‘disk image creation’ feature of Hi5 Software to Recover Partition lets you to create images of bad sectored 1TB hard drive of any brand and to recover data present on it. The program processes all sectors of a hard drive and creates the images of those areas wherever it finds the bad sectors.

What causes Bad Sectors on Hitachi 1TB Hard Drive?

  • File system error is one of the most common causes behind creating bad sectors on hard drive
  • Another important reason for bad sectored hard drive is Virus infection

When a large number of bad sectors are developed on a hard drive, you may notice these some symptoms like freezing, hangs, or corrupt/inaccessible files and folders.

Software to Recover Data from any hard disk with bad sectors

As it is already mentioned, Hi5 Tool to Recover Partition is the most recommended tool which helps in recover data from 1tb Hitachi hard drive with bad sectors. The program has also the ability to restore data from internal hard drives with bad sectors. It also helps in recovering data from FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS and NTFS5 formatted drives. It can even retrieve data from lost, corrupted and deleted partitions of hard drives. What’s more, the data recovery from dead hard drives is also possible using this toolkit. The software supports recovering of various types of files like texts, documents, presentations, emails, audios, videos, images, and many more. One of the great things about this app is that you can preview data after recovery before saving.

Learn How to Get Back Data from 1TB Hitachi Hard Drive with Bad Sectors!

Initial Setup: Download and install the licensed version of Hi5 Software to Recover Partition on any of the latest Windows computers. Connect the 1TB Hitachi hard drive having bad sectors to that computer and run the application.

Create Disk Image of the Bad Sectored Hard Drive

  • Choose “Partition Recovery” mode from the first screen
  • Now select the Hitachi logical drive
  • Go to “Tools” option from the right upper corner, and then select “Save Image File” option
  • Provide the location where you want to save the disk image file
  • Software will start creating the image file
  • Once the image file is created, the app will go back to the available drive list window and display the image file as a drive

Recovering Data from Disk Image File

  • First select the disk image
  • Go to “Tools” option and then select “Open Image File” option
  • The app will start scanning the image file and finds out the partitions available on the drive
  • Now, choose the partition from which you want to retrieve data and click next to start the recovery process

Once the process gets completed, you can have a preview of recovered data. After previewing, mark the required files and store it on storage device other than Hitachi drive. Hi5 Partition Recovery Software is a all in one solution to restore data from dead PC, failed hard disk, unbootable drive, and supports most of the external storage devices.

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