Hi5 AVI File Repair

  • Easily repair corrupt AVI, XVID & DIVX videos
  • Supports repair of AVI videos on different storage devices
  • Repair video files that refuse to play
  • Never alters the original file during the repair process
avi file repair software


Have you ever encountered with AVI file which don’t play at all in any of the media player and shows an error message that the file is corrupted? There are many different reasons behind AVI file corruption. It can be malfunction of media player in which AVI file being played, interruption during AVI file transfer or any other problems. So what could be done in such situation? Well, corrupted AVI files can be fixed using repair tool. Hence Hi5Software has designed simple yet easy to use AVI Repair tool that repairs and opens damaged AVI files in few mouse clicks.

Situations where Hi5 AVI File Repair Software is helpful!

  • Firstly when AVI file gets corrupted or broken due to any reason video becomes unplayable; sometimes it throws an error message when you try to access it. In such case you can make your video file playable only by making use of reliable software. Below listed are some reasons for unplayable AVI video
  • AVI Index is the basic factor for every file that stores details of video. If this AVI index gets corrupt then user cannot play it on any supported media player
  • Sometimes if media player version becomes outdated then there can be incompatibility between codec of video file and media player. If you try to play AVI video on outdated media player then it cause damage to respective video file making it unplayable
  • Sometimes user's may find that AVI video is of larger size, in order to reduce size of video file, they may try to compress AVI video using some unreliable application and their approach may finally make AVI file damage

Hi5 Software AVI File Repair software features

  • Hi5 Software AVI File Repair Software is built using advanced algorithms which helps in fixing AVI file issues easily and making them healthy playable video file
  • Any user who is lagging technical knowledge can easily repair corrupt or unplayable AVI videos because of its simplified interface
  • Tool repairs audio and video stream of AVI files separately and then adjoins them for creating a new file
  • This read only application will perform repair task without altering original quality of the video
  • Tool can be used to fix corrupt AVI video files on various external storage devices like memory cards, external hard drives, pen drive, etc.
  • You can have a preview of repaired video before saving it to desired location
  • Users can negotiate all the queries regarding repair process and software with our 24/7 available technical support team

Supported File Formats

Compatible Video file formats - AVI, XVID and DIVX

System Requirements

Windows Operating Systems – Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008

Mac Operating systems – OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), OS X 10.7 (Lion), OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) and OS X 10.12 (Sierra)

Hardware Specifications

To install this software successfully, it needs RAM of at least 1GB and a free space of 50 MB. Including this, it requires 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS and Mac OS.

Steps to Repair Unplayable / Corrupt / Damaged AVI Video File

  • Click on Download button given in this page which is revelant to the Operating System you're using (Windows or Mac OS X)
  • Complete installation procedure and run the software
  • Select the AVI file which needs to be repaired using "Browse" option (Fig 1)
  • Click on "Repair" option
  • Hi5 AVI File Repair Software starts scanning and fixing located AVI file (Fig 2)
  • In a short interval of time, software completes repairing process and you can view complete AVI file using "Preview" option (Fig 3)
  • And you're done!
  • You can now save the repaired AVI file by clicking on "Save" option (Fig 4)


avi file repair software
Fig 1 - Select corrupted/unplayable AVI File
avi repair tool
Fig 2 - Repairing AVI File
avi video repair tool
Fig 3 - Preview Repaired AVI File
avi file repair utility
Fig 4 - Save the Repaired AVI Video

Hi5 AVI File Repair Software comes out with Demo version and Full version Software. Demo version s well as the complete version of the software uses the same repair mechanism, but when you use Demo version you cannot save the repaired AVI file, you can only preview the repaired video. Whereas with the Full version, you can preview and save the complete repaired AVI file on any location of your choice.

What's New?

  • Play Corrupt AVI File

    If you want to play any corrupt AVI file then definitely opt for Hi5 Software AVI File Repair software to fix corrupted or damaged video files.

    AVI File not Playing Sound

    Now it is not a big deal to fix the AVI files that are not playing sound, as Hi5 AVI Repair software is most trusted tool to repair AVI files that are corrupted, damaged and broken on Windows System and Mac PC.

  • Repair AVI Broken Index

    Hi5 Software AVI File Repair is a easiest and fastest way to repair AVI files with broken headers. Get all the information by loading this page

    How to Repair AVI that Won't Play?

    If your important AVI files refuses to open or play then the best option that you have is the Hi5 AVI File Repair tool. Refer the link for complete deatils.

  • Repair AVI Larger than 2GB

    Have an extremely large AVI file, more than 2 GB in size, that is corrupted? Then Hi5 Software AVI File Repair tool is what you need.

    Fix AVI File Error

    You can fix .avi file error messages by using Hi5 Software AVI File Repair utility. It can repair corrupt AVI file within few simple mouse clicks.

  • Fix Broken AVI File

    Now it is so simple to fix the broken AVI files, as Hi5 Software AVI File Repair tool is brilliant in repairing process. This software will also repair damaged, corrupted and inaccessible AVI files.

    Fixing AVI Audio Sync Problem

    You can now repair AVI video file with the help of Hi5 Software AVI File Repair Software. It fixes all issues related to AVI video file.

  • Repair Damaged AVI Video on Mac

    On Mac you can repair AVI video files easily with the help of Hi5 Software AVI File Repair Tool. Well known for repairing all kinds of issues with AVI video file.

    How to Fix Pixelated AVI Videos?

    Got Pixelated Video? Wanna fix it? Then go for Hi5 AVI Repair Tool which will help you by providing the latest mechanism for repairing pixilation issues and gives you working AVI video back in short interval os time.

  • Fix GoPro AVI File

    Using Hi5 Software to Repair AVI File you can repair AVI file produced by GoPro Cameras. Read on More to find out the detailed information...

    Fix AVI Video on USB

    Try out Hi5 AVI File Repair Software to fix corrupt or damaged AVI videos stored on USB drives, memory card, external drives, and other portable devices.

  • How to Repair Video File after Download?

    Click this page to download a reliable tool to repair a video file after download which has been corrupted due to virus infections, improper transfer, etc. Just try it out!!

    Fix Video File from Micro SD Card

    Are you having a video file which is troubling? Use Hi5 AVI File Repair Software and fix the troubling issues of a typical video file just in few 3-4 simple and easy steps.

  • How to Fix AVI Audio Video File on External Hard Drive

    This page will help you fixing of corrupted or damaged AVI file stored on your any type of external storage drives, say memory cards, usb flash drive, iPods, and many more. Using this AVI file repairing program fix all type of corruption or damage cases easily!

    Repairing Codec Error in AVI File

    Hi5 AVI File Repair Software is the right solution to fix codec errors of AVI files! No matter due to what reasons codec errors has occurred, this toolkit will definitely helps to repair issue in 3-4 simple steps

  • How to Repair AVI File Error C00D11B1

    Repairing AVI file error code C00D11B1 is now easy with the aid of reliable tool called Hi5 AVI File Repair Application on any latest Windows as well as Mac operating system versions

    Repairing Recorded Video Files

    With the help of Hi5 AVI File Repair Toolkit, one can easily repair recorded video file with the formats AVI, DIVX, and XVID; the software can be installed on any versions of Windows and Mac machines!

  • Fixing AVI File Won't Play on Xbox 360

    Repairing AVI file which is not playing on Xbox 360 is very easy and handy now with the help of Hi5 AVI File Repair Software; the tool also provide guidance to fix other video file formats such XVID and DIVX

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