Fixing Unplayable AVI File on Xbox 360

It’s been very long that the Xbox 360's multimedia update has added support for AVI files. But, till today many people have complain that when they try to play AVI files on Xbox 360, they are prompted with the following error message "Can't play this content because it may not be supported”. Are you looking to repair AVI file won’t play on Xbox 360? Then you are at the correct place! This page contains all that useful information which is necessary to fix AVI file won’t play on Xbox 360. Just continue reading…

A simple instance…

“I just converted one of my video files to AVI, stored on Xbox 360 and tried to play. It says that it can’t play the file due to missing codec or some crap. Anyone know why? Can anyone tell me how to repair an AVI file that won't play on Xbox 360?”

Well, it is believed that the Xbox 360 only support AVI files encoded with DivX or XviD codec. If the codecs are not within the list of its supported codecs, your AVI files will be rejected to play by the console. So make sure that your AVI file on Xbox has the right codecs. Even after having the correct codecs installed and the AVI file won’t play, then fortunately there is an easy and effective way for fixing AVI file won't play on Xbox 360.

Actually, it's not as difficult as you imagine. What you need is just a common AVI repair tool called Hi5 AVI File Repair. This program features high efficiency in repairing unplayable AVI file on Xbox 360. With this, you just need to browse the file which is unplayable on Xbox, and the rest things will be carried out by the application itself. After a while the unplayable AVI video repair process gets finished and you will be able to preview the repaired video. You can notice that the file has been repaired without having to compromise on the quality!

How does Hi5 AVI File Repair Software work in fixing AVI file won't play on Xbox 360?

The utility will easily fix unplayable AVI video files without modifying actual content as it works on read only mode. Instead it will first scan entire video file and extract the content from it. Then, tool will create a separate file which is exact replica of the original file. Further, during repairing process, the software will analyze complete video file and then separate out audio and video contents. It will then fix the problem in both the contents accordingly and once repairing process gets over, it will adjoin both the frames to form perfectly synchronized video.

How to fix AVI Files that won't play on Xbox 360 using Hi5 AVI File Repair Tool?

  • Depending on which OS you are using, download the suitable free version of Hi5 AVI File Repair Software
  • Complete installation procedure, attach Xbox 360 to that system and run the software
  • Using "Browse" button, select the AVI file which needs to be repaired
  • Click on "Repair" option
  • Application starts scanning and fixing the given AVI file
  • After some time, software completes repairing process and you can view complete AVI file using "Preview" option
  • Happy with the results? Then purchase the toolkit and save repaired AVI file by clicking on "Save" option

Features of Hi5 AVI File Repair Toolkit

The AVI repairing tool is helpful in fixing XVID and DIVX video file formats with ease. Moreover, it supports repairing of AVI videos stored in hard drives, camera, camcorder, memory cards etc. The tool also provides an option to save repaired file in any destination location. Moreover, you can use the software to fix AVI files that constantly freeze / hang; audio video synchronization issues in AVI file, no picture but sound is played in the video or vice versa and many more.

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