How to Fix Broken AVI Index?

“When I tried playing AVI file on VLC player, it reported some error - ‘This AVI file is broken. Seeking will not work correctly. Do you want to try to fix it? This might take a long time.’ I chose yes, it began fixing the AVI index and exited when the repair progress bar reaches 50%. Then the AVI files started playing the video and stopped in middle. I closed the application and opened again, the same error encounters as mentioned above. If I try to fix it takes too long and won’t play properly, how many times I open this video files the same thing happens. If anybody who knows any solution to resolve this type of AVI index problem, then please help me out”.

Generally, these or similar type of errors are encountered when the AVI video index is broken or corrupted. AVI video won't play in any of the media players when its index is broken or damaged.

Typical reasons for AVI file broken index:

  • Interruptions while downloading the AVI video
  • Sharing the AVI file on network
  • Improper way of moving or disruptions while transferring video from one storage drive to another
  • Erroneous way of converting AVI file to other video formats
  • Presence of bad sectors on storage location of AVI file
  • Incorrect compression technique
  • CRC errors
  • Virus intrusion

If a AVI video is damaged and its index is broken due to any of above or other reasons, then the video becomes unplayable or shows errors. You can’t play the AVI file on any media player and if it plays also it will freeze in middle. Sometimes, the AVI cannot play sound and gives only video output. And, if you want to make this video file playable again, then you must fix broken index of AVI file first.

Fix broken AVI index usng these methods

#1. Repair broken AVI index in VLC:

  • Open the index broken AVI file in VLC player
  • VLC gives three options namely, Build index then play, Play as it is, and Do not play
  • Click on Build index then play and let VLC fix the file
  • It might take some time (maybe more time)
  • Play the repaired AVI file

If VLC doesn't show above three options then,

  • Go to Tools, then Preferences in VLC menu
  • Click on Inputs/Codecs and reach (scroll down) Files section
  • Locate Damaged or incomplete AVI file
  • Choose Always fix option from the drop-down
  • Hit Save button

#2. Fix broken index of AVI using Hi5 AVI File Repair:

Hi5 AVI File Repair software can efficiently repair broken AVI index in the header and other parts of a damaged AVI file and makes the file playable again. This is an amazing repair program embedded with powerful scanning algorithms which can guide you how to broken AVI file index easily. This AVI broken index repair application can intensely fix corrupt AVI videos without affecting your computer files in any way. You can use this software not only on Windows platforms but it also supports latest versions of Mac operating system.

Further, Hi5 AVI File Repair toolkit is also available in the trial version which can be used to evaluate the results prior to activation of the full version. Moreover, this tool can also be used to fix DIVX and XVID videos and provides the preview of repaired file instantly.

Steps for fixing broken AVI file index:

Follow these steps for repairig broken AVI file index...

Step 1: Install Hi5 AVI File Repair software on your computer and run it

Step 2: Browse the broken index AVI file and hit Repair button

Step 3: The software repairs the selected AVI file and allows you to Preview it

Step 4: Verify and Save the fixed AVI file on safe location

Tips to avoid AVI file corruption:

  • Avoid compressing AVI videos using unreliable tools
  • Ensure proper internet connection before start downloading AVI files
  • Maintain multiple copies of all important AVI videos

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