Repairing AVI Video Larger Than 2GB File Size

“I have an AVI file on my PC that isn’t opening on any media player from the past few days. I repaired the same using a few repair tools which I found online but none of them could repair the file since it was large in size. Is there any AVI repair tool that can fix AVI larger than 2GB or so?”

To repair AVI file larger than 2GB you can always rely on Hi5 Software AVI File Repair. This AVI repair tool was developed by an expert team of professionals and it guarantees to repair your corrupt AVI files regardless of how large or corrupt it is.

AVI is the short for audio video interleave. It’s one of the most widely used formats for saving videos because it occupies lesser space and has all the properties that a video file demands. One can also see that the AVI file format is used enormously to save videos on most of the popular devices such as cameras, mobile phones and so on. AVI files are widely supported by almost every media player that you come across making it platform independent which can be played on Mac OS as well as on Windows OS. However, AVI files are highly sensitive to various external factors which pose a serious threat to them. The impact left by the external sources on the AVI files leaves them in a corrupt state or in an inaccessible state, leaving the users wondering what’s wrong with the file. The immediate remedy for this issue is to make use of a repair tool such as Hi5 AVI File Repair Software which also has the ability to repairing AVI video larger than 2GB file size. Some factors responsible for AVI file damage are listed below:

  • Playing an AVI file on media players that do not support AVI files can cause some critical damage to the file rendering them to behave in a strange fashion thereafter
  • Viruses in the system are the root cause for AVI file damage, causing the AVI file header to be damaged and making them inaccessible
  • Attempting to change the AVI file extension by making use of an unauthorized application

Hi5 Software AVI File Repair is regarded as the best and recommended Hi5 Software for AVI repair to fixing AVI file which is larger than 2GB.

Why should you use Hi5 Software AVI File Repair for fixing AVI files larger than 2GB?

This is one of the only AVI repair tool that is capable of repairing AVI files of any size. It is also capable of repairing AVI files larger than 2GB on all Windows and Mac OS versions. Apart from AVI files, this software can also be used to fix MOV and DIVX files on Windows & Mac OS.  This ideal Software helps users in repairing AVI that won't play due to codec issue or for any other reason. Once the AVI files are repaired, the software gives you an option to preview the repaired file. This file can later be saved to any location on your system. It comes with a simple user interface letting you use the software with great ease and perfection.

Besides this, Hi5 Software AVI File Repair is completely safe and never alters or rewrites the original file. It rather reads the original file only to create another new file that is free from errors and damage thus assuring you that your original file is not modified.

How to Repair AVI File Larger than 2GB

  • Install the software on your system and launch it
  • Select the AVI file from your system which needs to be repaired by clicking on the "Browse" button
  • Repaired File can be viewed using "PREVIEW" option
  • Buy licensed version for saving repaired .avi video file

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