Fix AVI File on USB

“Some days back, I have downloaded some rare collection of kid’s programme as well as series of TV shows. Actually they are in .avi format and I have transferred all of them on USB drive. All the videos are working fine, except one, which is the most wanted AVI video file for me. Only I can able to watch the first frame of the video, the rest is blank. I searched for that corrupted video to download again. But, I couldn’t find it over the internet. How can I repair AVI video on USB? Please suggest me the right way that helps in fixing corrupt AVI video on USB.“

AVI files are great because they offer very good kind of video quality. But, sometimes due to some issues they won’t play or maybe the first frame is playing, leaving the rest as blank or maybe it is throwing an error message saying that the video format is not supported, etc. Even though some players have built in support to play AVI videos files, they would fail to play the AVI video stored on external device like USB if the file has been corrupted or damaged due to following issues…

  • Abruptly removing of USB drive when AVI video file is in use damages the file
  • Shutting down the system improperly may also cause corruption to the video file stored on USB drive
  • While downloading, if the AVI video has been infected by virus, then the video may get corrupted
  • If USB drive has any bad sectors where the AVI file is stored, then the AVI file can’t be played

Well, the very first thing to be understand about Audio Video Interleave file is that it is an old container format by Microsoft and further it contains a synchronized audio as well as video data streams which can be played together. If any one of the data streams got damaged, then it is difficult to play the AVI file. So, it is better to try out an easy and quick way to repair AVI video on USB.

USB AVI File Repair Software

Hi5 AVI File Repair Software is the tool that can fix AVI file on USB, as well as other portable devices. It is capable of repairing AVI file on USB, which is of any size on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating Ssystems. Apart from AVI video file, the application has the ability to fix XVID as well as DIVX video files on Windows and Mac. This ideal wizard can guide you how to fix corrupt AVI file on USB, even when the file has codec issues. Once the AVI file on USB has been repaired, the program provides you an option to have a preview of it. Then, the file can be saved to any desirable location. Last but not the least; the software has a simple Graphical User Interface that lets the tool to work at great ease along with perfection.

Further, the Hi5 utility is completely safe and never alters the original file. Rather, it reads the original file only to create another new file which is free from errors and damage, and hence assuring that the original file is not altered.

Go through these Steps to Fix AVI file on USB Drive

  • Download and install Hi5 AVI File Repair Software on your system
  • Connect the USB on which AVI file to be fixed is located
  • Launch the application by double clicking on icon created on desktop and click on “Browse” button to select the corrupt file that needs to be repaired
  • Choose the corrupted AVI video and click on “Open” button
  • Next, click on “Repair” button to start repairing process
  • Preview the file using “Preview” option and save on a desired location after the completion of process

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