How to Repair Damaged AVI Files on Mac

In present generation every user depends on movies, videos and other media files for their entertainment during their free time. To record or download these video files there are many formats available such as AVI, XVID, DIVX etc. Among all AVI has become popular because of its high resolution and high quality that it provides. This format can be played smoothly on Macintosh system media players until it is not damaged. So one need to maintain their favorite video from being damaged or broken by following certain precaution...

  • Do not download large movie video files in slow network connection
  • Stop trying to play AVI video on unsupported media player
  • Do not download videos from untrusted sites

Even after following precautionary measures, sometimes you may not be able to avoid AVI damage issue because of which it becomes unplayable. Hi5 AVI File Repair Software comes into picture at such incidence! Among various applications, you can use Hi5 AVI File Repair Application as the right tool to fix damaged AVI files on Mac. This toolkit helps in repairing damaged AVI file on Mac without modifying original source file because the software works in complete read only mode, it just extracts contents of damaged source file, repairs and generates new healthy video.

There will be no issues with the device compatibility as the tool is flexible enough to repair damaged AVI video on Mac machines running with Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard operating systems at ease. Even the utility makes you to learn how to repair corrupted AVI files on Mac from the devices like pen drive, memory cards of various brands, external hdd, etc. by connecting those devices to Mac machine.

Know More about Hi5 AVI File Repair Software

  • This toolkit is highly recommended by experts because of its outstanding performance in fixing damaged AVI files on Mac
  • Highly advanced algorithms incorporated in this tool carry out repair process in read only mode
  • Application not only repairs AVI video, it even fixes DivX and XviD videos. Simple interface involved in this toolkit makes every tech and non technical users easy to use without any third party user’s help
  • Software can be used to repair corrupted AVI video from various camera brands such as Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, etc.
  • AVI video repair can is done separately by separating both audio and video file. Software can fix AVI video that won’t play due to various critical issues with the video or media player
  • Demo version helps users to know the steps used to fix AVI video. You can preview output for free before purchasing tool

Reasons for AVI video damage

  • Trying to play AVI video on unsupported media player present on Mac system sometime damages file header
  • If you try to download AVI Video of larger size on Mac system then there is chance of video file getting partially downloaded leading to damage to the video
  • Abrupt closure of system frequently due to power failure while playing AVI video can cause corruption to code part of the video
  • Trying to open the Mac OS X system saved video on the outdated media player may also damage AVI video file

Steps to repair damaged AVI files on Mac

  • Download Hi5 AVI File Repair Software on any of Mac machines
  • Complete the installation process
  • Launch the software and use "Browse" option to select damaged AVI file
  • Hit on "Repair" option
  • View repaired .avi video file using "Preview" option
  • Save video file by clicking on "Save" option, for this you need to have licensed version activated on your Mac system

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