Repair Corrupted AVI Video File

AVI file issues are common, and many users would have dealt with corrupted AVI video files which fail to play. For instance, you might have downloaded a movie file with AVI file format only to find the file being corrupt. An important .avi video would refuse to play on any media player. There are many other such instances of AVI file corruption.

Now how to fix corrupt AVI files and get back to watching videos? Is this possible? Why not? With Hi5 AVI File Repair software, corrupted AVI video files will be repaired in no time! In just few mouse clicks .avi files will be fixed and made playable again. But before we could get to know more about the tool, let’s see few safety measures that you can follow:

  • Always have a backup of important AVI files so that you can restore them during unfortunate circumstances
  • Scan the storage device in which AVI files are stored so that they do not get infected by virus
  • When an avi file is being played, or is in transfer, do not shut down the system suddenly or interrupt the transfer process

Fixing Corrupt AVI Video using Hi5 AVI File Repair tool:

Hi5 AVI File Repair software is equipped with advanced mechanisms to efficiently repair corrupt or damaged AVI video files. The tool can analyze a defective video file and repair it into a useful one. It is a read-only application which only extracts data from the corrupt AVI file, fixes the issue, and saves data in a new healthy AVI file. Thus the original corrupt file is left intact.

Steps to Fix Corrupt AVI File:

  • Download Hi5 AVI File Repair software on your system and install it
  • Launch the application. Select the corrupt AVI video to be repaired using Browse option
  • Click on Repair option. The tool starts the scanning and repairing process.
  • Once the file is fixed, preview it and save the file on a preferred location

Let’s see some Causes of AVI Video File Corruption:

  • AVI file header corruption
  • Abruptly ejecting the storage device or shutting down the system while AVI files are in transfer
  • Using unreliable third party tools to edit AVI videos
  • Improper download of AVI files, virus infected storage devices in which avi files are saved, CRC errors, etc.,

Under all such instances, Hi5 AVI Repair software comes handy to fix the corrupt, broken, or inaccessible AVI files and makes them playable like before. The tool even repairs XVID and DivX files along with AVI files. This utility also helps to fix corrupt AVI index, AVI video of large size, error messages while trying to open or play AVI videos, and other issues with AVI files.

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