How to Fix GoPro AVI File

GoPro is one of the most popular camera brand which is widely used in extreme action video photography. They are well known for its durability, mountable in unusable places, waterproof, lightweight and many more features. However, GoPro audio video AVI file corruption issues are quite common in such cameras. Usually AVI file gets corrupted or damaged due to following mentioned reasons:

  • Video audio streams are being written on bad quality memory cards
  • Abrupt removal of the storage devices from the connected system while transferring or copying files from one device to another
  • Camera freezes suddenly due to extreme temperature or due to low battery while recording videos
  • Adware, malware, spyware, Trojan or virus infection may affect GoPro AVI video files and will results in corruption
  • Improper usage of the camera while closing or shutting down

In Built Repair Tool in GoPro

GoPro cameras has a built in SOS function that can help to repair GoPro AVI video files. It identifies the corrupted videos and tries to fix it. In case if the SOS function didn’t work for you and you still have corrupted videos, then Hi5 AVI File Repair Software will provide you the complete solution to fix GoPro corrupt files.

If the video get damage even after taking lot of care, no need to be worried about it as you can fix GoPro AVI file easily with Hi5 AVI File Repair Application. Built with latest repairing algorithm which makes it possible to repair corrupted GoPro videos instantly by maintaining the original video quality without making any modifications to the original file. Some of the sailent features of Hi5 AVI Repair Tool are:

  • Fast and easy to use user interface
  • Repaired GoPro AVI file will be saved as newly fixed file and can be saved to any desired location either it be a internal hard disk or the external storage devices
  • It separately repairs the video and audio tracks, once the issue is fixed it then adjoins the file to make it one playable .avi file
  • The highlighting feature of this tool is, it do not alter or make any changes in original content while fixing the issue
  • Facilitated with “Preview” option to view the repaired GoPro AVI file before saving
  • It offers two versions, demo and full version. If you download the demo version you can repair the file and view the fixed video using Preview option. In full version you can repair, view and save the repaired video file anywhere
  • This application also supports fixing of the AVI file stored in the external hard disk, memory cards, memory sticks, sd cards, sdxc, sdhc, mmc, cf, xd, micro sd, mini sd, media card, fire wire drives, usb flash drives, ipods, etc.
  • Software can be installed on Mac and Windows operating systems of all recent releases like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Server 2003. Coming to Mac OS X it supports Sierra - 10.12, El Capitan - 10.11, Yosemite – 10.10, Mavericks – 10.9, Mountain Lion – 10.8, Lion - 10.7, Snow Leopard – 10.6 and Leopard – 10.5

Steps for Repairing GoPro AVI Video Files

  • Download Hi5 AVI File Repair Software on your Mac or Windows system
  • Now use the “Browse” button to select and place the corrupted GoPro AVI file
  • Hit on “Repair” option to start repairing corrupted video file
  • Once it is finished, you will be prompted saying “File Repaired Successfully”
  • Now by using “Preview” option you can view the content of the video file and click on “Save” button to store it on your desired location

Tips to Prevent Video Corruption in GoPro Cameras

  • Always uphold the multiple copies of the required files or your favourite videos
  • To avoid virus infection make use of result oriented and updated antivirus program
  • Perform proper transfer process of videos
  • Do not suddenly remove the connected card while moving / copying videos from one device to other
  • Make sure your camera battery is full to capture videos for longer time, because capturing a video when battery is low might corrupt the file

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