Fixing AVI Audio Sync

Nowadays every users have reduced social communication and started utilizing their free time for watching movies and videos. These videos act as entertainers and freshens user’s tensed mind. There are many formats to download the video file. Among all, AVI is one of the popular formats which provide good clarity videos. Thinking that AVI provides good clarity, you may have recorded some videos in AVI format and some favorite video clips from internet and planned to enjoy watching them on weekends with friends. When you were about to play, you find that AVI audio was not playing along with video due to synchronization issue. Seeing this kind of video you may get annoyed and bothersome for losing your favorite AVI!

Have you faced such a drastic situation and worried for not knowing the right tool to fix audio sync in AVI? If so, then do not get tensed and in hurry do not choose wrong software if you wish to repair AVI audio sync issue without any damage to file. Among many tools provided in internet, you have to make sure which can be the proficient app for fixing AVI audio sync, if you fail to choose good software then there could be possibility of complete damage to AVI video file. Therefore, it will be better to go with skilled professionals suggested application named Hi5 AVI File Repair Software.

Advantages of Hi5 AVI File Repair Utility

  • Hi5 AVI File Repair Tool is straightforward and user friendly application that does not require much technical knowledge for repairing audio sync problems in AVI. Hence any non technical users can fix audio sync in AVI without any assistance
  • This toolkit is designed using integrated algorithms which guides users how to fix audio sync problem in AVI file effortlessly
  • By using this wizard, one can easily fix XviD and DivX video files safely and securely
  • It is compatible enough for repairing audio sync problems in AVI on any versions of Windows system. This ideal software even supports repair of AVI files on various external storage devices like iPod, external hard drive, memory cards, etc. within fraction of seconds
  • Repair of AVI file is carried out by separately fixing both audio and video files. This proficient software fixes the AVI file without changing the quality of original video file
  • You can even check efficiency of this utility by knowing how to repair audio delay in AVI files practically after downloading demo version for free
  • You can clear any kind of doubts regarding the product by technical expert’s assistance, who are available 24*7

What are the causes for audio sync in AVI file?

  • Incomplete Download: When you are downloading large sized AVI file from internet, at that moment if any interruption occurs then download of a file is done with some files missing in it. Such AVI files due to some missing information will lose synchronization between AVI audio and video. Hence the file's audio will lag behind or be forward.
  • Incompatible Media Player: Trying to play AVI video files on the unsupported media player may cause corruption to AVI files, when try playing corrupt files will be resulted in audio sync issues.
  • Virus Attack: Viruses are the main reason for corruption to AVI file. Such corrupted AVI files when tried to access may show audio sync issue.

There are many reasons for audio sync issue in AVI file. Well, no worries! You can play corrupt AVI file with the help of Hi5 AVI File Repair Program effortlessly.

Steps to be followed to fix AVI audio sync issues

  • Download and install Hi5 AVI File Repair Application
  • Launch tool; select the AVI file which has audio sync issues by clicking on “Browse” option
  • Click on “Repair” to start repair process
  • Software scans to fix issues in AVI file
  • Once scan process is over, you can preview repaired AVI file
  • Save repaired AVI file to destination location using “Save” option

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