Fix Broken AVI Files Permanently

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave and it is one of most popular file format which many of the users prefer to use. It is both audio and video in a file container which is synchronized during playback. These days most of the movies or videos that are available on the internet are in AVI format, as the video quality and audio quality is very rich. But even after being one of the great file format, sometimes, these files does not work properly. Consider the below explained real-time scenario where one of the users is facing problem with AVI files.

"Hi friends, I am crazy about watching movies and I never miss the recent movies. For this I used to download the movies via Internet and I prefer to download these movies in AVI file format, as it one of the best file format for video and audio combination. Recently I got struck in to a problem because, the movie which I had downloaded is not playing and I guess the file is broken. There was a sudden power failure when I tried to play the downloaded movie. I do not want to download the same file again, as the AVI file is more than 4 GB in size. So, is it possible to repair broken AVI file? Or is there any program to fix broken AVI files on my system which is running on Windows Operating System?"

Yes, it is very much possible for repairing a broken AVI file, as there are many broken AVI file repair software available in market. But the best software to repair broken AVI file is Hi5 Software AVI File Repair. This broken AVI file repairing tool is designed and developed with strong code, which will easily fix broken AVI files permanently on all the latest Windows Operating System like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. This wizard can also fix corrrupt AVI file with an ease. If your AVI file is damaged or inaccessible due to any unforseen reasons then also you can approach this software which will guide you how to fix broken AVI video files

Hi5 Software AVI File Repair is a highly recommended tool to repair broken AVI files on Windows system. This software also supports XviD and DivX video files that are not playing. It can even fix the AVI files whose video and audio are not synchronized during playback. Hence it is named as The Perfect Hi5 AVI File Repair Utility.

More attractive features of Hi5 Software AVI File Repair:

  • Built with strong code that will scan entire storage device for AVI file in quick time
  • Totally virus free repair software
  • Simple steps to repair the AVI files
  • Repaired AVI files can be previewed before saving it
  • 24/7 customer support

Reasons that force users to repair AVI files:

  • Virus infected AVI files
  • Interruption during AVI file downloading
  • Improper installation of codec
  • Incorrect usage of media players
  • File transferring to the insufficient memory storage devices

Safety tips:

  • Always provide the better protection to your system by installing good and effective antivirus
  • Take regular back up of AVI files that are important for you on some permanent storage media like CDs/DVDs

How to Repair Broken AVI File:

  • Install the downloaded Hi5 Software AVI File Repair and execute it. Browse the AVI file from the storage device that you want to repair and click on Repair
  • Software starts the repairing process
  • After the repair process completes, preview the repaired AVI file
  • Now save the repaired AVI file to the desired location

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