Software to Repair AVI Error C00D11B1

Error C00D11B1 – what is it? Well, this is a type of Windows Media Player error code, which literally holds back your ability to play videos including AVI files. In case of AVI videos, the error will be displayed in the following format:

Error C00D11B1:’Windows Media Player can’t play .avi file.’

Causes for Error C00D11B1

The cause of error C00D11B1 message pop up on your computer while playing AVI file can’t be narrowed down to one particular reason as the error may triggered due to several reasons, which include:

  • Corrupt DRM license
  • Enabled codec of the video in Windows Media Player codecs section
  • Registry Corruption

Well, the good news is that AVI file error C00D11B1 is not fatal and doesn’t lead to any serious issues as it can be resolved easily with some Do-it-Yourself methods!

Repairing Error C00D11B1 in AVI Manually

When trying to play AVI file with Windows Media Player, you may get an error that shows error code COOD11B1. This error has been reported in all the recent version of Windows Media Player, including 10, 11 and 12. Fixing AVI error C00D11B1 can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look. So here are a few ideas to repair AVI error C00D11B1 manually:

1. Delete DRM Licenses and Download it Again

To resolve corrupt DRM license issue, simply delete all files. First open Windows Explorer (Windows key + E) and then go to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM\. Now delete all files in this folder. Once deleted, let Windows Media Player download your license again. Once downloading is finished, run the Windows Media Player to see if error C00D11B1 has been resolved and AVI file is playing fine.

2. Disable the Codec of Video Option in the Codecs Section

Simply open Windows Media Player, Go to Tools, Options, DVD and then click Advanced Tab. Here find the codecs section, scroll down to the codec of the video (AVI) you are trying to play and see if it is enabled. If it does, then disable it and then select a decoder for the codec. Now try running the AVI again on your Windows Media Player. This will hopefully resolve the issue. If not, then go to next DIY method.

3. Disable Firewall Temporarily

Firewalls often block important ports that are required in order to run some programs. If this is the case, then simply disable Firewall temporarily to resolve the issue.

Still facing AVI file error C00D11B1 issue? Then it clearly indicates that your AVI file has been severely damaged may be due to virus infection or due to other reasons. Well in this case, you need to download Hi5 AVI File Repair Software to fix AVI error C00D11B1.

Features of Hi5 AVI File Repair Program

  • Designed using easy to use interface
  • Repair corrupt AVI file, thereby resolving error code C00D11B1 issue easily and quickly
  • Fix errors in AVI file stored on any storage like internal and external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, and many others
  • Helps to repair AVI codec errors in both Windows and Mac system
  • Easily fix synchronization issues with AVI audio and video codecs
  • Doesn’t alter the original AVI file during repair process, instead it creates a healthy playable video file
  • Header corruption with AVI file will also be repaired through this toolkit
  • Even allows you to fix pixilated AVI files and the videos with freezing issues
  • Along with AVI file, XVID and DIVX videos will be fixed
  • You can have a preview of repaired video before saving it to desired location

What’s more, the software has Hi5 technical support, which help to solve any queries related to the product. Also, you can use demo version and preview the fixed AVI file to check the capabilities of the tool before activating its licensed version.

How to Repair AVI File Error C00D11B1 using Hi5 AVI File Repair Application?

  • Download and install Hi5 AVI File Repair Software on your system and launch it
  • Click on “Browse” option to select the AVI file with error
  • Next, click on “Repair” option to start AVI video file repairing process
  • After completion of repairing process, view repaired AVI file using “Preview” option
  • Finally, click “Save” option to store AVI video that is fixed

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