Fixing AVI File Errors

“Recently I tried opening .avi file which was stored in my desktop. I encountered and error message stating “The .avi file may play, but there is no video, only sound” many times I tried to play but only sound could be heard and no video. How can I fix .avi file error without any professional help? Can I be able to fix AVI file errors in system?”

AVI file is the most widely used media file with both audio and video data frames in it which works simultaneously. It has many advantages over other file formats. Unfortunately such types of files are prone to data corruption situation due to various common scenarios. It’s obvious that in such time if your valuable AVI file is corrupted, if you want to repair AVI file error at any cost. So you may think whether it is possible to fix avi file errors or not?

Yes, definitely you can repair AVI file error using reliable Hi5 Software to Repair AVI File. Such tool will help you in fixing AVI file error within few fractions of minutes. Hi5 Software AVI File Recovery is the most powerful with dynamic repairing algorithm which will effortlessly offer repairing .avi file error. It has the capability to fix XVID and DIVX files too without any complications. It’s some of the unique features are stated as follows:

  • Fixes files that are partially playable or not at all playable
  • Capability to repair audio and video frames separately and then adjoins it to form healthy playable AVI files
  • Repaired files can be played both on Windows and Mac OS
  • Supports repairing of AVI files stored in internal and external hard drives, memory card, USB drives and many more
  • Facilitates with demo version to check its ability before buying its licensed versions
  • 24/7 technical assistance is provided to solve user issues related to product.

Various general circumstances that cause .avi file error:

  • Download Error: When there is any type of disturbance while downloading AVI file from internet then there are high possibilities that your AVI file gets corrupted which lead to .avi file error.
  • Header File Corruption: Header file plays a vital role in AVI file as it contains vital codes which play AVI file in media player. Thus any damage to header file will lead to .avi file error.
  • CRC Error: When transmitting AVI file over network there are chances of CRC error to get introduced in such AVI files. This may cause AVI file corruption.
  • Other Reasons: Reasons responsible are abrupt termination of AVI file, power surge, improper downloading, untrustworthy third party tool and many more.

Safety Precautions:

  • Do keep backup of important file to escape data corruption situations
  • To edit any AVI file do make use of secure third party tool
  • Follow proper procedure to download AVI files

How to fix AVI file errors using Hi5 Software AVI File Repair?

  • Download free Demo version of Hi5 Software AVI File Repair and Launch the software
  • Select the corrupt AVI file
  • After repairing process click “Preview” option to view the repaired file
  • To save repaired AVI video file, buy paid version

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