Fixing Damaged AVI File from External Hard Drive

External hard drives are important data storage device that has the ability to store your precious AVI video files. External drives are useful while copying large files between computers and also to store backup of important video files. As this drive is portable device, you can carry with you wherever you go and play AVI video file with ease. Sometimes there occurs a disaster where AVI file turns into an inaccessible state due to some corruption issues. Once AVI file is damaged then you cannot play video anymore.

Overcome corrupt AVI file issue

If you want to get rid of corruption issues and want to repair AVI file on external hard drive, then you have to opt for better AVI file repair software. Choosing a good AVI file repair tool plays a unique role. This is because if you try for any untrustworthy AVI repair tool then there are more possibilities where AVI file can get damaged severely on external hard drive.

External Hard Drive AVI File Repair Software

Hi5 AVI File Repair Program is one such application that helps you to fix AVI file from external hard drive with ease. This tool has inbuilt scanning algorithm, hence it becomes very easy for fixing damaged AVI file from external hard drive. Even a person with less technical knowledge can learn how to repair corrupt AVI file on external hard drive by following its few simple steps. Hi5 Software consumes less amount of space on hard drive for installation. Moreover, this renowned tool is free from virus infection.

Causes for AVI File Corruption in External Drive

  • Bad sectors - Existence of more number of bad sectors on the external hard drive can result in AVI file corruption issue. Due to this AVI file turns into unplayable state
  • Intrusion of viruses - If the external drive is infected from deadly viruses then it damages the AVI file stored in it and turns inaccessible
  • Improper closure of AVI video file while transferring it from external drive to system drive due to power failure can also lead to AVI file corruption issue

You can still find many reasons behind AVI video file corruption issue. Fortunately you have Hi5 AVI File Repair Application that helps in repairing AVI file on external hard drive by following few simple steps.

Important Features of Hi5 AVI File Repair Program

  • Easily repairs corrupted AVI file that is stored on storage devices like USB drive, external hard drive, memory card, iPods, FireWire Drives etc.
  • You can preview the repaired AVI file before storing it in safer location
  • Hi5 Tool has easy user interface, hence it is so simple that even user without any technical knowledge can use it with great ease
  • If you are facing an issue of audio and video out of sync then this Hi5 program separates both the data streams and repair them separately. Once done with fixing it adjoins and correctly sync both the data streams
  • Works fine with all latest Windows operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows server 2003, 2008, and 2012
  • With the help of Hi5 Software, you can fix AVI file errors with ease
  • Repairs videos captured using professional DSLR's like Canon, Nikon, Sony, and many more
  • In addition to fixing AVI video files, Hi5 tool also fixes corrupt XVID and DIVX video file formats that are unplayable due to any reason

Easy Steps to be followed to repair AVI file in external hard drive

  • Download and install Hi5 AVI File Repair Program in your Windows computer
  • Choose AVI video file from your system that is needed to be repaired by clicking on the “Browse” button
  • You can view repaired AVI file using "PREVIEW" option
  • Get fully licensed version to save repaired AVI video file on any folder of your choice

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