Repairing AVI Video That Won't Play

“I have an AVI file on my system that doesn’t play on any media player that I have installed on my system. I am unable to play it and error message is displayed stating that the file does not support. Is there anything I can do to fix AVI file that won't play issue on this particular AVI video?”

One can certainly fix AVI file that won't play on system. By using a professional repair tool such as Hi5 Software AVI File Repair software, it’s just a matter of minutes to get your corrupt AVI back to normal.

AVI files combine the audio as well as video streams together to produce a video file that can seamlessly be played on any media player. The fact that all media players which are available today support AVI files can be considered as a clear message that it’s one of the most preferred and used video file format across the world. It is enormously used in most of the electronic devices to save the videos once a video has been successfully recorded using it. One can also see that AVI files are the most widely used on most of the sites such as YouTube and so on for hosting videos. The foremost reason which makes them the most preferred format on websites is because they occupy less space compared to their counterparts such as XVID, DIVX, MOV, MP4 and so on.

Hi5 Software AVI File Repair Tool supports fixing corrupted or broken AVI files from hard drives like IDE, SATA and SCSI. It also supports repairing AVI files from devices like iPod and various kinds of memory card. Causes for AVI file corruption:

  • Viruses in the systems memory can access the AVI files in an unauthorized fashion and leave them corrupt
  • Playing AVI files on unsupported players i.e. players that don’t support AVI file codec can also have a serious influence on the file causing it to be damaged pretty badly
  • Terminating AVI video in an abrupt manner while it’s being played on a media player

What makes Hi5 Software AVI File Repair the most preferred tool?

This Hi5 AVI Video file Repairing Tool is designed and developed by an expert group of professionals and is capable of fixing AVI file that stopped playing, inaccessible AVI files and AVI files that are damaged as a result of any unknown cause as well. This repair tool isn’t just limited to repair AVI files that won’t play on your system but can additionally be used to fix corrupt or damaged XVID or DIVX files too. It makes use of a distinct repair algorithm that is capable of fixing AVI files regardless of how badly they are damaged. Once the software completes fixing corrupt AVI file on your system, it gives you a preview of the repaired file. You can then proceed to save the same to any desired location on your system. It is a complete guide for users searcing on how to repair an AVI file that won't play!

This software also assures you that the original file is safe and untouched. Fixing AVI broken index can also be carried out in few simple steps. In short, it never overwrites or alters the file that you fed to this software. It can be installed on all versions of Windows as well as on Mac OS making it a platform independent AVI repair tool at the same time.

In order to repair unplayable AVI video, follow this step by step guide:

  • Install the software on your system and launch it
  • Select the AVI file from your system which needs to be repaired by clicking on the "Browse" button
  • Once the file has been successfully repaired, you get an option to "Preview" the same following which the same can be saved to any location on your system

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