How to Repair AVI Video with No Audio?

Have you ever faced problems while dealing with AVI files? Do AVI files which you are using not playing sound? No worries! Here is the solution

Some of the AVI files do not play sound when there is a problem in their codec which is used for creation of sound stream in the files. Codecs are very important for coding and decoding of AVI video files. If audio and video Codecs of AVI file are damaged or not synchronized properly, then the file play only video but no audio. So, to fix no sound problem in AVI videos,

  • Launch VLC Player and select Tool from menu
  • Then choose Preferences or use Ctrl + P keys
  • You will see simple preferences window
  • Click on Input/ Codecs option located on top of screen
  • Under damaged or incomplete AVI File, opt Fix When Necessary
  • Hit the Save button
  • Now in VLC, open AVI file that is not playing sound

Now, VLC media player will automatically fix the AVI file and the video works fine.

Reminder: If you have an outdated VLC player, first upgrade it to latest one and try above solution.

If VLC player doesn’t help you in fixing AVI files not playing sound then it seems the video is affected due to other reasons like,

  • Harmful virus intrusion
  • Interruption or network errors while downloading
  • Attempting to transfer AVI files to the storage device, which is running out of space
  • AVI file is corrupted or damaged after header corruption, storage drive corruption, bad sectors etc.

Note: When AVI file not playing audio along with video, try re-downloading the AVI file (if possible) or its codec pack. However, if you are still unable to fix AVI file no audio problem, then try best AVI file repair programs available.

Here is the world’s most trusted software for fixing AVI files not playing sound i.e. Hi5 Software AVI File Repair. This tool has designed and developed with an excellent algorithm, which will easily repair AVI files with no sound and video tracks problem. The tool is capable of fixing any issue of AVI files and make the video work correctly. This software can be easily run on any of the Windows operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP etc. The software supports repairing corrupted or broken AVI files from hard drives like IDE, SATA, and SCSI. It also supports repairing AVI files from devices like iPods and various kinds of memory cards.

Beneficial Features of Hi5 AVI File Repair Software:

  • Easy to use interface and self-driven steps
  • Completely virus-free software
  • Preview of repaired AVI file is facilitated before saving it to the storage device
  • Potent in fixing AVI file errors and supports fixation of XVID and DIVX video files also
  • Even compatible with Mac and supports all versions including latest macOS Sierra

How to Fix AVI Files with No Sound?

First, download and install Hi5 Software AVI File Repair and run it.

Step 1: Browse AVI file which is not playing sound and hit Repair button.

Step 2: After fixing, the tool allows you to Preview the video.

Step 3: Save the repaired AVI video to a safe location.

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