Recovering Word Documents on Windows 8

Some times, you may find some scenarios where you end up losing or deleting Word files from Windows 8 system. By keeping in mind such circumstances and their catastrophic consequences, here will focus on some methods by following which you can recover a Word document on Windows 8.

Word document recovery Windows 8

To restore Word files, use the following methods in the order in which they're presented, as appropriate for your situation.

Method #1: Search for the document if it is missing or lost

To do this, follow these steps, as appropriate for the version of Windows that you're running.

Select Start, type the document name in the Start Search box, and then press Enter. If the File list contains the document, double-click the document to open it in Word. If the File list does not contain the document, go to next method.

Method #2: Search for Word backup files

There may be a backup copy of Word documents. Look if you have created any backup. If yes, then it is one of the easiest ways for recovering Word files on Windows 8.

Method #3: Use of professional tool to restore Word files

To get a solution on how to restore a Word document on Windows 8 just go ahead and use Hi5 File Recovery Software. It is developed with advanced scanning algorithm that scans the complete drive and recovers Word document in few minutes. Therefore just download Hi5 Software File Recovery Tool on your PC and start recovering lost or deleted Word documents quickly. Hence preferring Hi5 File Recovery Tool makes your Windows 8 Word document recovery easier.

Why to choose Hi5 Software File Recovery Tool?

  • Hi5 Program is a simple, accurate and user friendly Word files recovery software
  • It has a feature to save the scanned results that can be used in the future to avoid rescan
  • Software helps you to find the specific file based on its signature
  • With the help of Data View and File Type View option, it is possible to view your file in terms of hierarchical structure and file type
  • Preview option of Hi5 Software allows you to view the content of the recovered file before restoration

Analyze Hi5 Software File Recovery Tool before you purchase

You can get a free evaluation version before purchasing its licensed version. It is one of the well-planned move to execute pre-analysis over the performance of Windows 8 Word document recovery. Free version of this tool allows you for recovering a Word document on Windows 8 and preview them, but restricts the saving of recovered Word documents at your desired location. Only with the purchase of licensed version, you can acquire all the saving functionality.

Important functionalities of Hi5 Software File Recovery Tool

  • If you have emptied recycle bin by mistake after accidental deletion of important files while deleting unwanted files, then the software works well to get back the files deleted from the Recycle Bin on all Windows systems.
  • Recovers Word documents from hard drive of types such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc of numerous manufacturing brands such as Seagate, Western Digital, Buffalo, etc.
  • Make use of this easy to use interface to quickly retrieve Word document from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file system with ease
  • Can restore Word documents from Microsoft Word of different versions such as Word 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc. quickly
  • You can easily recover files from USB drive by following few simple steps
  • It is a read only software which allows you to recover Word documents Windows 8 after deletion, formatting, reformatting, repartitioning or reinstalling Windows Operating System of different versions such as Windows 10, 7, Vista, XP, etc.

How to recover Word documents by following simple steps

Here are the simple steps to retrieve Word files on Windows 8...

  • First you have to download Hi5 File Recovery Software demo version on your Windows system
  • After launching the software, select "Deleted File Recovery" option or "Lost File Recovery" option
  • If your Word file(s) are deleted, then go with Deleted File Recovery option else, go with Lost File Recovery
  • Now app will ask you to select the drive, choose the appropriate one and go to next screen
  • Recovered files can be viewed using "Preview" option and can be saved by clicking on "Save" option
  • Save option will be accessible while using licensed version, not in demo version

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