Easy Way to Recover Files from Emptied Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin stores the files that you had deleted from your drive when they are not needed, and later it can be restored to its original path when you want to re-access deleted files in future. What if you have emptied Recycle Bin before you get back needed files from it?

Well! Even though you are not intended to empty Recycle Bin, by mistake you have clicked Empty Recycle Bin option and thus cleared files and folders from Bin folder. Now, you can get them back either using backup or data recovery tool. If a backup of the deleted files is not maintained, then the only option is to use Recovery tool. Worried about selecting the right software to restore your files emptied from Recycle Bin?

Note: Avoid overwriting the files by not performing further operations on the hard drive.

Stop Worrying, and Start Recovering!

Hi5 File Recovery Software is the appropriate choice to get back your files from emptied Recycle Bin folder on almost all versions of Windows OS, including latest version windows 10. It supports the recovery of files like images, songs, videos, compressed files and documents like MS Word files, MS PowerPoint files, Excel files, and many more, which have been emptied from Recycle Bin folder. What's more, the application's easy to use interface helps you to carry out emptied Recycle Bin file recovery on your own by following the simple instructions.

How to Restore Files After Emptying Recycle Bin Using Hi5 File Recovery Software-

Step 1: Download and Run Hi5 File Recovery Software

Get Hi5 File Recovery Software on a healthy computer and install it as per the instructions shown in the installation wizard. After completion of installation, run the software.

Step 2: Choose Correct Option and Drive

After launching the software, select "Deleted File Recovery" option to carry out recovery process. Next, when software displays a list of drives, select the appropriate drive from which the files were deleted. Then, hit Next button to initiate recovery process

Step 3: Scan and Preview Recovered Files

Once you select the right drive, the software will scan the entire drive to locate and recover deleted files. When the software finishes scanning, recovered files are displayed and can be viewed in Data View and File Type View. You can use Preview button to view the files.

Step 4: Save Recovered Files

The software allows you to browse the location to save recovered file. Select the drive where you want to keep your recovered files and hit “Save” button. If you are using the trial version, then activate the software only then you will be allowed to store the recovered files.

Some Important Features of Hi5 File Recovery Tool

  • Supports recovery of files from file system like FAT, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT
  • Easily restores Shift-Deleted files and also the files bypassed from Recycle Bin
  • Recovers files removed from portable devices like memory card, external hard drive, pen drive, etc.
  • Quickly restores files lost due to formatting, virus infection and transfer error

Beneficial Info:

  • Uncheck "Don’t move file to Recycle Bin. Remove Files immediately when delete" option in Recycle Bin settings
  • Backup important files and folders
  • Check twice, before you empty Recycle Bin folder

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