Recover Deleted Files from Sony Memory Card

Think of a situation where you unknowingly deleted files from your Sony memory card. Such an unhappy incidents happen to most of the memory card users while using in a digital camera or phone. Mainly this happens due to the carelessness shown by the people. When this happens generally people tend to forget about their lost or deleted files, assuming it is gone forever. Those who are willing to recover deleted files from Sony memory card even after permanent deletion or accidental is possible, it can be done in just few simple steps.

Fact - Actually when you erase or lose file from a storage drive say memory card, only the file pointer is removed and the file content still remains in the same location. As a result of this, data will be invisible to reach the file and users consider it as a permanent loss of files from memory card. AS said in the above paragraph, such files will be recovered by using Sony Memory Card recovery software.

Since decades we have been experiencing a huge advancement in technology. One of the major changes that we have observed is a diminishing size of storage drives. From a huge hard disk now we have reached a state where you can store data into chip like drives known as memory cards. Today memory cards serve as a basic storage medium on portable devices like music players, mobiles, digital cameras and camcorders etc. Now we have renowned brands of memory card among which Sony memory cards are widely used. Let us know the various file deletion or loss cases from Sony Memory Cards.

How the files from Sony Memory Card is Deleted or go Missing?

Though Sony memory cards are preferred more for its easy to use and portable features, you still can't stop data loss from it. It is because cards are very sensitive in its structure and easily prone to damage. So, it is very important to keep your memory cards safe from such unfortunate accidents which can make your card inaccessible and leads to unintended deletion of files.

  • Employing inappropriate tools to edit files (videos, movies, audio tracks, photos, etc.) saved on memory card can cause loss or deletion of files
  • Hooking up Sony memory cards to virus infected system can lead to memory card corruption or file deletion
  • Terminating system or camera while the files of the Sony SD card is still actively used is also a reason behind the loss of files
  • Removing the memory card from the card slot when the operating system is performing a read/write process
  • Using camera even after being noticed about low battery, can contribute to loss of data from Sony memory card
  • Accidental formatting, using memory card on multiple computers, file system corruption etc. also adds to the list of events causing deletion of files from Sony memory card

Thinking on how to retrieve deleted files from sony memory card is just waste on time, start using Hi5 Software Photo Recovery which is an amazing application that is specially built to restore deleted/lost files from Sony memory card. This app has gained good name as proficient sony memory card file recovery software from its users for its usability and enriching features. Power packed with features, it will restore deleted files from sony memory card in a few mouse clicks. Not only this, it also enables users to preview the recovered files prior to the activation of the software.

You can execute this software on latest Windows versions such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 and many more. Besides, this renowned software will also recover erased photos from CF card, SD card, MMC, XD card, etc. within a mere of seconds.

How to recover files from Sony memory card?

Step 1 - Download and install the demo version of the tool

Step 2 - Then select either "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" option

Step 3 - Now choose the connected memory card and proceed

Step 4 - Wait for the tool to recover lost and deleted data

Step 5- Preview the recovered files and save it after buying the full version

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