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“Recently I deleted photos from CF card by mistake. Later I realized that all my old precious photos that were stored in CF card were also lost while formatting. I have also not maintained any backup of these files. Please anyone help me to recover deleted photos from CF card. Is it possible to retrieve deleted images from CF card? If yes, then in what way I can restore deleted photos from CF card?”

Compact Flash Card in short CF Card - is a type of memory card which is just like external storage device used to store digital information in Cameras, MP3 player, Camcorder and many more. It has unique features such as high data speed transfer and larger storage capacity which makes it special as compared to many other memory cards. But despite having such merits, files stored in CF card can be prone to data loss situations. Due to several unfortunate causes, photos stored in Compact Flash card may get deleted with or without your knowledge. If this happens, you may think images deleted from CF card are gone forever? or is there any possibility to recover deleted photos from CF card? These two questions will be striking many people. Answer for this is - Yes, by using CF Card photo recovery software it is possible to restore deleted photos from CF card in few simple steps.

Fact - Deleted pictures are not lost forever. Technically speaking when images get deleted only pointer to it will be erased, indicating free space and file content get hidden. Recovery is only possible unless any new file is overwritten in that memory space.

Make use of Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Utility which will assure you 100% in retrieving photos deleted from CF card. Photo recovery process is very simple and gives step by step guidance so that even users without technical knowledge can use it without any professional help. hence it is named as perfect CF card photo recovery software by many experienced people. Hi5 Photo Recovery Tool has the ability to recover normal Images, RAW picture, Audios, Videos and many media files hassle free. It is compatible with almost all versions of Windows Operating System including Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

Scenarios causing photo loss situations in CF cards:

  • Format Error: When you connect your CF card to system, it may sometime happens that it won’t recognize file system of CF card, thus an error message prompts stating to format the card. If you don't then you are unable to access CF card and if you click on yes option then all files present in Compact Flash Card get erased. In this case no other option except formatting the card which inturn leads to photo loss situations.
  • CF Card Corruption: When CF card gets damaged due to sever virus attack, there are possibilities for card corruption or files may get deleted due to user notifications.
  • Human Error: Photos can also be deleted due to human mistake such as formatting CF card accidentally or unknowingly deleting some files while clearing junk files.
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons are mishandling of CF cards, improper transferring, abruptly removing CF card when connected to system and many more.

Features of Hi5 Software Photo Recovery:

Hi5 Software Photo Recovery is the best tool in recovering deleted photos from CF cards without any damage caused to actual content. It supports recovery of around 50 photo file formats from various types of memory cards such as XD Picture Card, SD Cards, MMC, etc. It has the ability to recover damaged memory card, hard drive, USB drive, Flash drive and many more. Apart from this, it supports recovery of images from different file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT. This tool supports recovery of images from all sorts of scenarios easily and quickly. Hi5 Software Photo Recovery tool provides user with 24X7 technical support.

Steps by Step Procedure:

  • Download demo version of Hi5 Software Photo Recovery
  • Second screen will display "Deleted Photo Recovery" and "Lost Photo Recovery" option. Choose Deleted Photo Recovery option
  • Quick scanning of all drives takes place and select CF card and click "Next"
  • Click "Preview" option to view recovered file
  • Click "Smart Scan" option to avoid re-scanning when licensed version is used
  • Buy licensed version to save recovered photos from CF card

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