Recovering Deleted Photos from Sony Memory Stick

"Hi, last week I accidentally deleted all photos of my best friend's wedding from my Sony Memory Stick. I don't even have any backup of those wonderful captured photos. Can anyone help me in recovering deleted photos Sony Memory Stick? Is there any software that I can use as Sony Memory Stick photo recovery tool?"

In this modern World, people use camera to capture lovely and wonderful moments of their life. Sony Memory Stick is one of the most preferred card which helps to stores all captured photos and videos which is used widely in cameras and camcorder because of its storage capacity, portability and many more. People preserve pictures in their system as memories and can view whenever they want. But what if these memories are deleted, lost or corrupted. Is it possible to retrieve deleted pictures from Sony Memory Stick?

Using Hi5 Software Photo Recovery you can restore all deleted photos. It Graphic User Interface (GUI) is very simple and easy to use so that even non-technical user can use it with ease. It is very safe to use because recovered data will not modify the original one. It supports recovery of all photo formats including JPG, TIF, GIF and many more.

Although there are many advantages of Sony memory stick there might be situations where you can lose important photos. Common reasons of photo loss are as follows

  • Improper ejection of memory sticks from computer system when copy process is going on
  • Deletion of Photos is also possible due to virus or malware infection on memory stick
  • Unknowingly clicking format option instead of clicking eject option while ejecting memory card from computer may also leads to photo deletion

Recovering deleted photos from Sony memory stick due to above mentioned reasons is possible by help of Sony Memory Stick photo recovery tool. Yes you can recover deleted photos sony memory stick that has happened knowingly or unknowingly by using Hi5 Photo Recovery utility.

Hi5 Software Photo Recovery - Makes things easier

Hi5 Software Photo Recovery is the best tool in the market to recover deleted files from Sony Memory Stick. It can restore deleted multimedia files of all formats from Sony memory sticks without any effort. To view recovered photos preview option is provided. This software works with all versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows VISTA and many more. Quick scanning of all deleted photos makes photo recovery process very fast. It is 100% virus free so the users don’t have to worry about any kind of infection affecting his / her computer system.

Precautions to be followed when handling Sony memory stick

  • It is always better to keep backup of all important data
  • Do not use memory stick when there is data loss situation
  • Avoid using device when battery is low

Steps to Recover Deleted Photos from Sony Memory Stick

  • Download demo version of Hi5 Photo Recovery Utility
  • Connect your Sony memory stick to your computer system and then launch it
  • Main screen will display “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo recovery” option. Choose the appropriate option
  • Quick scanning of all drive takes place and displays the drive
  • Select Your Sony memory stick drive and click “Next
  • Scanning takes place displaying all files
  • Click “Preview” option to view recovered file
  • Click “Smart Scan” option to avoid re-scanning when licensed version is used.
  • To save the recovered file you have to purchase licensed version

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