How to Recover Deleted Media Files

We all know that multimedia files like video, photos, music, movies are lovable ones to every user. These files act as good entertainer when people are bored and lonely. Hence people maintain them considering all possible precautionary measures like keeping antivirus program updated in Windows system, crosschecking of the content before deleting Recycle Bin, etc. Though you consider too many safety measures it doesn’t mean media files remains safe forever. There are many reasons for loosing multimedia files from Windows system. Main reason is due to deletion intentionally or unknowingly.

Let me explain you with a real time example: “Hi friends, I saved multimedia files on my Windows system in separate folder. I watch movies when I am bored of doing work to refresh my mind. When I was about to watch in some distraction I right clicked the mouse and clicked on delete instead of open and lost all favorite multimedia files. I was calm even after deletion thinking that files can be restored from Recycle Bin but I was shocked to see that, no deleted files were present in Recycle Bin. May be its because of large size of deleted file compared to Bin folder. Can anyone suggest me how to recover deleted multimedia files from Windows system?”

Well, this is one of the common situations faced by many users but no worries as this problem is not a complicated one. You can recover deleted multimedia files easily with the finest software named Hi5 Software Photo Recovery. It acts as a multimedia file recovery software which will help you to learn how to recover deleted media files safely and securely without causing damage to other files during recovery process as the utility is free from harmful viruses. Hi5 is provided with free demo version that helps you know about Software to restore multimedia files on Windows computer, so that you can know the effectiveness of this program before purchasing the licensed version.

Other common scenarios for deletion of multimedia files:

  • Shift Delete Operation: If you mistakenly select multimedia files while deleting some unwanted files and folders and use shift delete operation in order to reduce occupied space then you will lose those files permanently from the Windows system.
  • Hard Drive Crash: If your system gets crashed due to any reason then the files stored in the Windows system will no longer be present in it. If it contains multimedia files then it is obvious that you will not find it anymore in PC.
  • Unintentional Deletion: If you carry out formatting of a drive containing essential files and multimedia files mistakenly instead of deleting inaccessible one on the Windows system then your multimedia files gets erased in fraction of seconds after format option is applied. Hence it is necessary to be alert while performing any action on your Windows system.

There are many more reasons for deletion of multimedia files from Windows system like interrupted transfer process, application of antivirus program, etc. If your multimedia files get deleted due to above mentioned reasons then no worries just employ this Hi5 Software Photo Recovery application which has gained good name for achieving recovery of files quickly and easily. Any user can recover deleted multimedia files from the PC without any professional’s assistance as the software is included with simple interface. Only thing you need to keep in mind is, soon after deletion of files from the Windows system, stop using it until you apply this application and perform recovery. Addition of new data will erase the deleted files permanently from the system making small issue complicated one.

Features of Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Tool:

This application can easily recover deleted multimedia files from the Windows system within few moments as a result many people preferred this tool to perform recovery and got positive results. Now this software has become one of the top rated tools in the present market. This is one of the best tool to recover data from flash drives,  portable hard drives, etc.  With the aid of this toolkit one can easily perform corrupted or damaged memory card recovery without much effort. It can rescue RAW image files from the system without much effort. By employing this utility one can easily get back deleted multimedia files from any version of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, etc. at utmost ease.

What's more, Hi5 Software supports recovery of deleted files from camera SD card and other flash memory cards such as MMC card, XD card, CF card, SDHC/SDXC card, pen drives, etc. No matter using which file system (FAT and NTFS) the storage device is formatted with, Hi5 Photo Recovery Application retieves deleted and lost multimedia files from any storage drives successfully.

Guide to recover deleted multimedia files on Windows:

  • Download and install Hi5 Photo Recovery Software, launch it
  • Select "Deleted Photo Recovery" option from the first screen
  • Choose the drive and click on "Next" option to start recovery process
  • Once the files are recovered, use "Preview" option
  • "Save" option will be available for licensed users

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