Method to Restore Deleted Files from Windows 7

"I was deleting some of the unwanted files from my Windows 7 computer. During this process, I accidentally deleted few of my important files and unfortunately I don’t carry a backup for the same. Is there any way to resolve this issue? If yes, then how to recover permanently deleted files from Windows 7 without further complications?"

Well, recovering deleted files from Windows 7 is something that can effortlessly be performed by using a reliable file recovery tool such as Hi5 File Recovery Software. This recovery tool is specially designed to resolve some of the common file deletion cases such as 'can i retrieve deleted files from Windows 7' or 'how to recover permanently deleted files from Windows 7', and so on.

Basically, Microsoft Windows introduced Windows 7 OS in 2009 and is one of the most widely used OS across the world because of its convenience, better performance, lesser user popups, hardware and the interface. However, Windows 7 still doesn’t address security to its full potential. There are instances where you may end up deleting files from Windows 7 OS on various situations. Nevertheless, you can recover deleted files from Windows 7 by making use of a recovery tool called Hi5 File Recovery Software. Here are some circumstances that lead to deletion of files from Windows 7 OS:

  • Deletion of files permanently from the system by user by hitting ‘Shift + Delete’ keys unintentionally
  • Accidental format of Windows 7 hard disk while using the system
  • Mistakenly deleting important files while removing unwanted stuffs from the system
  • Erasing files through command prompt will result in permanent deletion of files

Important: As soon as you suspect that you have deleted files from Windows 7, stop using the system and remove its hard drive and then keep it in a safe place so that no physical damage would happen. By this, you can avoid the over writing process and increase the chances to recover deleted files from Windows 7.

Why Hi5 Software File Recovery is most Preferred Tool?

Hi5 File Recovery Program makes use of advanced algorithm which helps to recover deleted files from Windows 7 safely and quickly. The toolkit further assures you that not even a single bit of data is altered during the process of file recovery. It also comes with a simple intuitive interface through which you can retrieve deleted files from Windows 7 easily. When the deleted file recovery from Windows 7 is complete, a list of all recovered files will be displayed on the screen. You also get an option to preview the restored files, which can then be saved to any location on your system. Besides restoring deleted files from Windows 7, the utility guides you on how to retrieve files after emptying Recycle Bin , the files which have been bypassed from Recycle Bin, and even the files deleted after virus infection, etc. What's more, this application has the ability to recover files of different types such as text, ZIP, RAR, Word, MP4 MP3, MOV, PowerPoint Files and so on.

For Retrieving Deleted Files from Windows 7, here is the step-by-step guide:

1. Download Hi5 File Recovery App on a healthy Windows computer, and install it by following the easy instructions

2. Now attach the Windows 7 hard drive to that system and run the tool

4. Then select "Deleted File Recovery" option

5. Now choose the disk from which the deletion happened

6. Wait until the software scans the selected drive for deleted files

7. After that, "Preview" the recovered files and save them

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