Lost File Recovery from Windows 10 File History

Losing files is a miserable thing! I had lost some document files from my Windows 10 computer. I was told to try recovering lost files from File History backup. But the problem was that File History backup files were not to be found. So now, how to recover lost files from File History backup, or if that is not possible, then is there any other way to get back the files?

When File History feature is enabled in Windows 10, it will create a copy of file of Documents, Photos, Videos, and other folders. Even Desktop files will be copied. The files will be backed up every hour. So when you delete files accidentally, or they are lost, then you can restore them from File History.

Recover Lost Files from File History in Windows 10

As File History creates backup every hour, you have to select the right file backup version to restore lost files in Windows 10. Follow these steps to retrieve lost files:

  • Find the path of your lost files in Windows 10. Go to This PC to see the folder path: Downloads, Desktop, Pictures, etc.
  • Type File History in search box, then select and click Restore your files with File History
  • Click on the History button to see all backed up folders
  • Select what you have to restore and choose the correct version. Now click Restore button to recover lost files from File history backup
  • Select Replace the file in the destination if the system already contains a folder / file with the same name

That’s it. Once your files are restored, you can use them as usual. However, here is a catch. Suppose you have not enabled File History backup option in Windows 10, or if the File History backup itself is lost, then how to recover lost / deleted files? Don’t worry; there is a simple solution for it – Hi5 File Recovery software. Yes, this tool will recover lost files from Windows 10 in just a few clicks.

Retrieve Lost Files using Hi5 File Recovery software

Hi5 File Recovery tool will quickly scan entire Windows 10 drive to get back lost files. Photos, documents, video files, ZIP files, or any other file will be recovered easily. Not just lost files, even deleted files can be retrieved by this application. This application not only helps to recover files from Windows 10 drive, but it also supports data recovery from Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and other Windows OS version.

Steps to Restore Lost Files in Windows 10

  • Download and install the software on your system
  • Launch the application. Select Lost File Recovery option.
  • Select the drive from which lost files have to be recovered, and proceed
  • Once the scanning process is completed, preview the recovered files
  • Save the files on a location you prefer

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