How to recover files that are deleted by left mouse click?

Is your computer acting weird? Are your files getting deleted when you click on them? Recover them easily using Hi5 File Recovery software. Also recover Shift-Deleted files or files deleted from recycle bin using this fantastic file recovery software available for free download. Try today!

Left mouse click causes file deletion!

Sometimes the most bizarre things can happen on your computer. For instance, think of left click on your mouse deleting files? Yes, although it sounds weird, it has been reported by many users on Windows 10. Incomplete installation of programs and virus attacks on your system are some of the main reasons for this to occur.

No matter what the reason is, it can be pretty frustrating to have a file deleted from your system when you least expect it to. Now if these are important files, you will want to recover them. Of course, as a first step look in the recycle bin. If you find it here, well and good, just restore it back. However, if the files are too large or a Shift Delete operation has occurred, deleted files are not stored in the recycle bin. In such cases, files are deleted permanently and can be recovered only with the help of professional data recovery programs like Hi5 Software.

Recover files deleted by left mouse click on Windows 10

Hi5 File Recovery Software is the perfect tool to recover files that are deleted by left mouse click. How the software works is, it performs a deep dive into your hard drive and looks for files with a deleted tag on them. Then those files are recovered in the same form as it was originally. This is possible because the software employs a ‘read-only’ mechanism for file recovery.

In addition to recovering files deleted by left mouse click, Hi5 file recovery software can also be used to recover permanently deleted files, Shift Deleted files and files that are deleted from the recycle bin. Also the software can be used to work with multiple devices, that is, it can recover files not only from your systems, but also from external hard drives, USB devices and SD cards.

Supported files and OS versions

  • All kinds of files like Word files, Excel sheets, PPT’s, PDF’s, notes, documents, photos and videos of various formats can be recovered using this software.
  • Works with all versions of Windows like Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP and Vista
  • A Mac version is also available with support for all the latest Mac OS versions

Procedure to recover files deleted by left mouse click on Windows 10

As a first step, download and install Hi5 File Recovery software on your computer with Windows 10 and then follow the instructions below to recover your files easily.

  • 1. Click on Recover Files in the main screen
  • 2. Next you will see 2 options, one for recovering deleted files and the other for recovering lost files. Here select Recover Deleted files since you are recovering deleted files.
  • 3. After you have made the above choices, the software displays a list of all drives related to your system; here select the drive from which files were deleted
  • 4. The software scans the drive and displays a list of all files
  • 5. Make a selection of the files you wish to recover and save them to a preferred location

Note: Hi5 Software provides a free preview of files before recovery. This feature can be very useful to see the quality of recovered files before you actually recover them.


When you find that your computer is acting weird, say for example, it’s deleting files on a left click, then it clearly indicates something’s not right. Before you lose more files on left click, take a minute to identify what’s wrong. See if any program is interfering or is not installed properly. Restart your computer if necessary. If the problem still persists, take it to a professional for help.

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