Recover Permanently Deleted Files

When you delete a file permanently in Windows, what happens?

Actually when you ask Windows Explorer to list the files from any folder, Windows doesn’t go through every file manually. Rather it has an index of all the files in every folder which can refer to, and of course Windows Explorer uses that index to show you the names of the files.

So now just assume that you pressed SHIFT and DELETE keys together. All Windows does is erase the entry from the index permanently. But the contents of the files will be still there, but the thing is you can’t access it. If you could recreate the entry related to all those permanently deleted files, you can get those files back! That’s what Hi5 File Recovery Software does.

When a file has an index entry, Windows makes sure not to overwrite the space on the hard drive where the files were resided. As soon as the files are deleted, Windows is free to use that blank space for new files. If at all any new files are added, the contents of the files will be overwritten. Well, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to recover permanently deleted files. So, it is recommended to stop using the hard drive immediately after you have permanently deleted files.

What actions results in permanent deletion of files?

  • Deleting files using SHIFT and DELETE accidentally or mistakenly without taking backup
  • Emptying Recycle Bin folder to remove some clutters
  • Erasing files through command prompt
  • The files deleted from external storage devices doesn’t go to Recycle Bin folder and lead to permanent deletion

How to restore permanently deleted files?

Whatever may be the case, the trouble arises when you want to recover permanently deleted files. Hi5 File Recovery Program is simple yet suitable file recovery software, which retrieve permanently deleted files from your Windows PC, external hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, and so on. As the deleted remains on the storage device unless those are overwritten, permanently deleted files recovery is possible through Hi5 File Recovery Application.

In addition, Hi5 File Recovery Utility is user-friendly, easy to use and the fastest recovery tool available in the market. Its advanced technologies easily scan the entire drive and helps in recovering shift-deleted files. This tool is read-only and non-destructive which ensures that your data is safe and secure from being damaged. What’s more, you can sort out the recovered files on the basis of name, date, size and file type. It even provides a demo version, using which you can evaluate the working of the tool, and be assured whether it can successfully restore permanently deleted files or not. You can go for buying the product only if you are satisfied with the results.

Step by step instructions to recover permanently deleted files on Windows

Download and install Trial Version of Hi5 File Recovery Program. This program allows you to preview the files that are recoverable in a hierarchical pattern. Once you purchase the software, you can save the files in a location of your choice.

  • Run the software
  • Select "Deleted File Recovery" option. Click on the next arrow
  • Choose the Drive/Partition from which the files were deleted. And here the software scans the selected Drive/Partition for deleted files and displays recoverable file list
  • Either choose File Type View to recover specific files or Data View to recover all files and folders
  • Select desired location to save the recovered files. Make sure you choose a different location from the original location where it was before

Important advice…

Always have a backup of all important files either using in-built Windows Backup or in an external storage drive. Apart from that you can also save a copy of those files in cloud services like One Drive, Dropbox or Google Drive.

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