Retrieving Archived Files

Now-a-days almost all users depend on computers or laptops for their work. As it has been used widely in all organizations like collages, companies, banks, etc. information stored by those institutions becomes vital and needs to be secured, in such case people opt to archive bundle of vital related files. This archive process even helps users to transfer files over internet quicker. Though archive process secures confidential data, there are chances where you might lose that data when archive file is deleted or lost from the system.

When archive files is missing on your system, you may feel embarrassed for losing important data and keep on checking online for the solution to collect those embedded files from archive. You may find many software’s but selecting right one is of high priority because all the used tools will not present you an positive result there is even a chance of permanent deletion of archive files hence it is best option to choose the tool which is suggested by experts, if you are confused to select.

Hi5 Software File Recovery is a powerful utility designed and developed by expertise to make the archive recovery successful. It performs recovery without damaging any intact files on system as the tool is found to be free from any kind of suspicious viruses such as malware, adware, spyware, etc. It’s a smart way to opt this archive recovery utility by checking its ratings of retrieving archived files in simple and easy manner.

Other beneficial points of Hi5 Software File Recovery:

It is responsible enough to recover archive files that are deleted, lost or erased permanently form Recycle Bin. Simple interface included in design of toolkit makes user feel comfortable for recovering archive files without any assistance of third person. This archive recovery tool recovers files of any type such as text documents, excel files, PDF documents, etc. from the Windows system. As the program is compatible for Windows system, it is flexible enough to retrieve deleted files from Windows 7 and other versions of Windows including latest version Windows 8 and Windows 10. In addition to internal hard disk file recovery, software will recover deleted archive files from various external storage devices like pen drive, USB drive, external hard drive, etc. on connecting it to Windows system.

Demo version of the application is available using which you will know how to recover archive files in few easy steps and you can have a preview of recovered data by using "Preview" option. To save those restored files you will have to own licensed version of the toolkit.

What situations make user lose archive files from the system?

  • Accidental Deletion: While deleting unwanted data from the system you may mistakenly end up archive files and when you are unaware about deletion, you may have emptied Recycle Bin which makes users lose files permanently from system.
  • Improper Cut Paste: Interrupt movement of archive files done while performing cut paste operation will lead to deletion of archive data from the system.
  • Header Corruption: Sometimes due to corruption to files or to file header you may face loss of important data from archive.

There are many factors that make archive file loss from Windows system but at that moment if you blindly think they are lost and couldn’t be recovered and keep on using system then there is chance permanent removal of deleted files which can’t be recovered successfully using any utility. Hence soon after file loss stop using device and make use of reliable software named Hi5 Software File Recovery.

Steps to recover archive files:

  • Download and launch Hi5 File Recovery Software
  • Select either "Deleted File Recovery" option or "Lost File Recovery" option
  • Choose the appropriate option and go to next screen
  • Software will ask you to select the drive from where you're willing to recover archive files
  • Select the drive and click on "Next" option
  • Tool will start recovering archive files that are deleted or lost from the selected disk
  • Recovered files can be viewed using "Preview" option

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