Recovering Data from HTC Butterfly

“Recently by mistake I erased few videos from my HTC Butterfly Android Smartphone. Those are my memorable videos of my graduation day. Is data recovery from HTC butterfly phone possible? If yes then how to recover data from HTC butterfly? Do I need any software to get my erased videos? Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestion.”

HTC Butterfly Smartphone is an Android based phone developed by one of the leading mobile company HTC. It has many amazing features with large LCD touch screen, long battery life, light in weight and many more. But unfortunately such Smartphones are prone to data loss situation. Purposely or unknowingly there might be loss of data from your phone.

Many users believe that once data is lost or deleted then it is permanently lost forever. But technically speaking when data is deleted only pointer to that particular file is erased, making it hidden and indicating free space. Thus recovering data from HTC butterfly is possible unless and until any new data is saved in that free space. You just need one powerful data recovery tool for Android.

One such tool which will help to restore data from HTC Butterfly Smartphone is Hi5 Software for Android Recovery. This tool has amazing built in features which will easily recover data from any Android based Smartphone and tablets. Its dynamic recovering algorithm will recover data without any modification and in 3-4 steps.

Salient features:

  • Ability to retrieve data from HTC Butterfly Smartphone
  • Supports recovery of data from any brand of Android Smartphone and Tablet
  • Along with music, photos and videos, it can also restore .apk files with ease
  • It works on read only mode mechanism thus do not alter any content of original file
  • Supports restoring of data from improperly mounted SD cards
  • It creates replica of SD card of Smartphone to perform recovery process in later stage during data loss situations
  • Capability to scan both internal and external memory space of Smartphone
  • Data recovery can be done on various types of memory cards such as SD cards, xD cards, and many more.

HTC phone data recovery is easy when you have Hi5 Android Recovery Tool installed in your system. simple and effective wizard which holds the capability to find deleted or lost files/photos from HTC mobile devices with great ease.

Let’s see some general scenarios that lead to data loss situations in HTC Butterfly:

  • Third Party Apps: Installation of unsecure and unreliable third party application to your Smartphones may delete some important data without giving any notification to user from HTC butterfly.
  • Human Errors: Human errors are one of the main causes for data loss situations in HTC butterfly. Human errors such as accidentally formatting and unknowingly formatting your SD card of Smartphone are responsible for huge data loss situations in Android Phone.
  • External Threat: Due to severe attack of external threat, some files may get deleted thus leading to data loss situation.
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons which cause data loss situation are improper transferring method, abruptly pulling of SD card when connected to system, improper handling of phones and many more.

Steps to be followed while using Hi5 Software for Android Recovery:

  • Download Demo version of Hi5 software for Android Recovery
  • Connect HTC Butterfly Smartphone to system and launch the software
  • Select appropriate option from “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery” option
  • Select memory card drive and quick scanning will be in progress
  • Recovered files are displayed and particular recovered file can be viewed using “Preview” option
  • Purchase licensed version of this software to save recovered files

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