How to Retrieve Data from HTC Phone?

“I recently used an app in HTC Smartphone to clean all my junk files and it deleted all my data stored in HTC phone. I am very much worried as that contains important photos and videos. Is there any tool that will help in recovery of HTC phone data? Please suggest me good software so that I can recover data from HTC phone without modifying the original ones.”

Android Phones have given a new platform to mobile world. Users today like to use Android phones because of its extraordinary features and colossal applications. There are many mobile companies which manufacture Smartphone and one of them is HTC. Most of the users are new to such OS hence they may face data loss situations.

Henceforth no need of worrying or getting tensed after losing data from HTC phone. Data can be restored using Hi5 Software for Android Recovery which is developed combining advanced technology and talented skilled engineers. This software will scan both internal and external memory of HTC phones. It works not only with HTC but also with other phone brands. It is easy to use without any technical help.

Why Data Recovery Tool?

Few users keep backup of their important data to escape future loss. But there are people who won’t keep backups thinking they won’t face any data loss situations. When they really face such situations, the consequences can be extremely drastic. Some common scenarios for data loss are as follows

  • Accidental deletion or formatting of data from HTC phones
  • Virus Attacks on SD card of HTC Smartphone
  • Use of unsecure apps may cause deletion or corruption of data
  • File system corruption may lead to data loss
  • Improper handling of HTC phone such as abruptly ejecting phone when connected to computer System
  • Using HTC phone when battery is low

Whenever any data gets deleted from HTC phone it doesn’t mean that you have lost your data forever. Technically on deletion only index pointer will get deleted indicating free spaces in memory; until you overwrite that space with new data. To get back deleted, corrupt or lost files you need data recovery tool. You can definitely recover all important data files that you have lost while using an unsecured App to clean junk files.

Many Problems One Solution – Hi5 Software for Android Recovery

Hereafter whenever question arises “how to restore data from HTC phone?” the answer should be Hi5 Software for Android Recovery. This software helps in restoring deleted data from HTC phone. It also recover corrupt or lost file from HTC phone. It provides “preview” option to view recovered data. It also provides “save recovery” option to avoid re-scanning of Android device. This software is very safe to use and it don’t misuse your personal information stored in your phone. You can download Demo version as well as buy licensed version by clicking respective links.

Precautions to be followed by every Smartphone Users

  • It is always better to keep backup of all important data
  • Do not use your HTC Smartphone  whenever you face data loss situation
  • Avoid using phone when battery is low
  • Install good anti-virus in your phone

Steps to be followed while using Hi5 Software for Android Recovery

  • Download demo version of this software
  • Connect your HTC phone to your computer system and then launch it
  • Main screen will display “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File recovery” option. Choose the appropriate option
  • Quick scanning of all drive takes place and displays the drive
  • Select Your HTC memory card drive and click “Next
  • Scanning takes place displaying all files
  • Click “Preview” option to view recovered data
  • Click “Smart Scan” option to avoid re-scanning when licensed version is used
  • To save the recovered file you have to purchase licensed version

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