How to Retrieve Data after Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S2?

“Yesterday I accidentally clicked factory reset option in my Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphones. Later I realized that I have lost all important files saved in my Smartphones. Now I am in heartbreaking situation where I have lost all my valuable files. I am looking for perfect tool that will help me to recover data after factory reset Samsung Galaxy S2. Is there any tool that will help me in recovering data after factory reset Samsung Galaxy S2? If yes then do let me know.”

Do not worry when you lose your important data due to factory reset option. In Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone, when you click factory reset option all files will get deleted that you have saved after buying your phone. This will erase your data permanently without saving it as backup. File recovery from Samsung Galaxy S2 is possible. Read on more in the below given details

But now it is possible to recover data by using some good data recovery tool that works on Android Phones. Technically speaking when you delete any files only pointer to that file is deleted making that file hidden. This will indicate free space to save new data. To recover data completely you should stop using your Smartphone immediately.

One such tool is Hi5 Software for Android Recovery can easily restore data after factory reset Samsung Galaxy S2. This is the most recommended tool suggested by the industry experts to retrieve data after factory reset Samsung Galaxy S2. Installation of this software is very simple thus easy to execute without any expert’s help.  It has the ability to recover all media files including images, RAW pictures, audio and video files with great ease. It can restore around 50 file types from any brands and models of Android based Smartphones and tablets.

Unique Features of Hi5 Software for Android Recovery:

  • Retrieve data after factory reset Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Capability to restore .apk files without any  difficulties
  • Efficiently scans both internal and external memory area
  • Creates replica of SD card so that recovery can be done in future during data loss situations
  • Recovers data from improperly mount SD card
  • Recovered files can be stored in any storage media like USB drive, Hard drive, etc.
  • Demo version is also available so that user can check software performance before buy paid version

What happens after Factory Reset?

There are two scenarios that can lead to usage of Factory Reset option in any Android phones. The first one is accidentally clicking Factory Reset Option and other is when user is unaware about this option, he may click it to see how it performs thus leading to data loss situation. When user clicks Factory Reset option, all data including Android Application Package files which you have stored after purchasing your phone will get erased completely. Factory Reset option will erase all information stored without keeping any additional copy.

Steps to follow while using Hi5 Software for Android Recovery:

  • Download trial version of Hi5 Software for Android Recovery
  • Connect your Samsung galaxy phone to the system and launch the software
  • Main screen will display “DELETE FILE RECOVERY” and “LOST FILE RECOVERY” option. Choose delete file recovery option
  • Recovered files will be displayed on the screen and it can be saved by purchasing licensed version

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