How to Recover Data from Sony HXR MC2500

Many a times, it can happen that pictures and videos on cameras may get deleted. If you are a professional photographer using cameras such as Sony HXR MC 2500, you definitely cannot afford to lose data. Losing data can cost you a lot. Here you will learn about the reasons for data loss and data recovery solutions. Read on.

Camera freeze, camera turning off, unplayable video files, inoperable camera are usual symptoms of memory card corruption and/or data loss on camera. Before we go into data recovery solutions, let us first understand the reasons behind data loss on your Sony HXR MC2500.

Reasons for data loss in cameras:

Abrupt removal of memory card from camera:

Abrupt removal of memory card from camera when the card is being accessed or being written into can cause corruption. Corruption can in turn lead to data loss.

Format of your card:

You may see messages such as ‘Your card needs formatting. Do you want to format it now?’ In such cases, when you are prompted to format and you proceed, all data is erased, thus leading to data loss.

Bad sectors:

Bad sectors on the card can also cause data loss. It happens due to various reasons. It could be a defective or a low quality card. Improper handling as in removing card from device during data read or write/file transfer can also cause bad sectors and data loss. A large number of bad sectors on the card will make the card inaccessible.

Virus attack:

If your memory card is infected by virus, your card can get corrupted and lead to data loss. Besides these reasons, other reasons such as using the camera when battery is low or shooting photos when the card is full or accidental deletion can cause data loss.

Recover data from SD cards:

In order to recover data from SD cards, you will need professional data recovery software. Hi5 Software is a great tool to recover data from corrupt or damaged SD cards. It makes use of powerful algorithms to scan your card and retrieve data. It works on a read only mechanism to extract files, thus your original data will not be altered during recovery process.

In addition to recovering files from your SD card, it can also be used with internal and external hard drives, USB’s and other storage devices. Refer Sony memory card recovery for more details about the product.

The software supports a variety of media files such as photos, audio and video etc. Audio file formats such as MP3, MP4, video files such as MP4, MOV, etc and photo formats such as JPEG, PNG, PSD, JIFF etc. are supported.

Steps to recover data from Sony HXR MC2500

Data recovery is easy with this tool and can be performed in a few steps. To start with, download and install Hi 5 Media recovery software on your system.

  • Connect your SD card to the computer using a card reader.
  • From the main screen, select Recover Photos.
  • Then select Recover Lost Photos or Recover Deleted Photos based on your situation.
  • Select your memory card from the list of available drives.
  • A list of recovered files will be displayed. You can Preview the files and save them to a desired location.

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