Snapchat Photo Recovery Tool

Snapchat is a photo sharing site which allows users to send or receive photos, and videos. Photos or videos sent on Snapchat will get erased shortly after viewing it. Snapchat became popular for this feature. However, what if the user wishes to keep the image, but it gets erased?

For instance, you might have received few pictures of cosmetics from a friend, but before you could decide which one to buy the pictures get erased. So how to recover Snapchat photos on computer? Well, there are certain ways to get back deleted Snapchat photos on PC. But some of them can be expensive. Moreover, to recover erased photos, you need an expert tool. Hi5 Photo Recovery software comes to your rescue under this situation.

Restore Deleted Snapchat Photos on Computer:

A simple solution to retrieve deleted Snapchat photos is Hi5 Software Photo Recovery tool which offers an easy way to recover Snapchat photos on computer. This application not only supports photo recovery, but it even helps in recovering videos and text that has been deleted from the Snapchat app on computer. Hi5 Photo Recovery utility recovers images of all formats like JPEG, GIF, IMG, TIFF, PNG, etc. Even RAW images like CR2, ORF, CRW, etc., can be retrieved from various popular camera brands.

Hi5 Software Photo Recovery program also comes in handy to restore deleted or lost photos from memory cards, USB flash drives, FireWire drives, and other storage mediums. The tool scans the entire drive to get back missing or erased media files with ease. You can preview the recovered files before restoring

Steps to Recover Snapchat photos:

  • Download and install Hi5 Software Photo Recovery tool on your system
  • Main screen appears with two options “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”. Choose the required option as per requirement.
  • In next screen, choose the drive from where Snapchat photos have to be recovered
  • Once drive is selected, scanning of that drive takes place
  • Soon after scanning is completed, photos that are recovered are listed
  • View the files using "Preview" option and save them on a location of your choice

Few Precautionary measures:

  • Make use of popular third party apps like SnapCrack, SnapSaver, etc. for saving Snapchat photos
  • Use reliable tools to recover deleted Snapchat photos
  • Stop using the drive from where Snapchat photos were deleted

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