How to Recover Desktop Data after Windows 10 Update?

Issues after you update Windows are not uncommon. Some issues are easier to handle, but imagine losing data after the update! It can be pretty hard to deal with, right? In order to help you, we provide some solutions to recover your deleted files using Hi5 Software

Windows updates causing issues such as system becoming slow, missing files, apps not working properly are not new to us. But imagine losing all your desktop data after an update! Yup, it sounds bizarre, but it is known to occur and many users have complained about it in the Windows 10 April update.

The reasons are tracked down to bugs in Windows updates and AVG antivirus among many other things, but whatever the reason may be, data lost is lost. Only people who have been through such situations understand how painful it can be and we here at Hi5 Software know exactly how you feel.

Recover desktop data using Hi5 Software

In order to help you recover your data, we have a tool called Hi5 data recovery software. Using this, you can recover all your desktop data along with the same structure and data originality. Since the software works using a read only manner, you don’t need to bother about the recovered files being different from the original.

Other important features of Hi5 Software

  • Hi5’s data recovery software can also be used to recover files deleted by third party cleaning apps or accidentally deleted files
  • It can also recover permanently deleted files or files removed from the recycle bin
  • Supports all types of file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS
  • Can recover files from a variety of external storage media such as USB stick, SD card, external hard drives etc.
  • Works with all versions of Windows including the latest Windows 10
  • Hi5 Software for Mac is also available for Mac users compatible with for all recent Mac OS versions

Steps to recover desktop data using Hi5 Software

Hi5 Software is designed with a simple interface to make data recovery easy and quick. Start by downloading and installing the software on your Windows PC. Then follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Start the application and select Recover Files from the main window

Step 2. Then you will be given 2 options: Recover Lost Files and Recover Deleted files. Select Recover Lost files to recover lost files and select Recover Deleted files to recover deleted files.

Step 3. Select the required drive (in this case, desktop files belong to C: drive, so select C: drive)

Step 4. The software scans your drive and shows all available files on the drive

Step 5. You can also Preview the files at this stage to check the authenticity of the recovery process

Step 6. If you know which files you need, select them, else Select All and save to a desired location

Precautions to avoid data loss after Windows update

  • Make sure you to follow all the instructions provided prior to updating your Windows
  • Double check if your PC is compatible with the requirements of the update
  • To be on a safe side, always keep a backup of all your files before updating Windows
  • Always use a local user account to update your Windows

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